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March Challange and Permaculture

March Challange: Breakfast-Yogurt, canned mixed fruit, walnuts Lunch-Baked Beans on Bread Supper-Pasta with roasted Chicken leg in a pasta sauce mixed with yogurt and dried squash. Dessert- Hot Spiced Roasted Peanuts. Ok, so lets talk about Permaculture today, the idea … Continue reading

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March Challange 5th- Seeds

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs with onion and cheese Lunch- Roast lamb, with pickles- noodles with butter/greens Supper-Yogurt, with strawberries and walnuts Other-Coffee, Water, Mint Tea, Popcorn, dried apple, dried dates, pickles http://notdabblinginnormal.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/conspicuous-sustainability/ I always enjoy reading Xan posts, I so often … Continue reading

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Garden Monday-Indepence Days-Monthly “How does your Garden Grow”

I decided to combine the wonderful Independence Day Challange with the once a month garden update for my monday’s main posts. Going to also add links to blog I read that are doing this challange, if anyone else who read’s … Continue reading

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Working on my new bushes list for 2012

Well, its not final yet, but I think I have narrowed down my list of fruiting and or health/herb bushes to add to the farm this year.. Here is what I have to date.. Smoky Saskatoon Shadblow Serviceberry Allegnery Serviceberry … Continue reading

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Berry Smoothies this week..

I am wanting to “wake” up my body this week, and get more energy, which includes turning on the inside lights (boo!!) Doing short burst of weigh lifting-Kettle Bells to get my body hot an sweaty, while not pushing my … Continue reading

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The Dehydrator Bible Book Review

Well, I have been a drying fool, I have had my dehydrator going since I got it, and I now have jar after jar of amazing dried goodies, I know how to use them by adding to soups/stews, make stewed … Continue reading

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Thank you DH for my present..

You know how some ladies swear their man just does not get them? I love that my man gets me… some ladies want jewlery or new outfits or fancy dinners out for their b-days..  Mine got me a brand-new Excalibur … Continue reading

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Can you believe it, still getting fresh Rasberries out of the garden..

As you know its eat out of your pantry but you got to love still getting fresh fruit from the garden in oct.. they are so sweet but they are winding down now so it makes this even more special. … Continue reading

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Garden Overview 2011- Lots to give thanks for..

Well, I have been working on this all week, I also have been figuring out critter imputes in terms of meat, milk, eggs, last night we had a surprise in the little barn with a new clutch of peeping ducklings … Continue reading

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High Bush Cranberries and their relatives

The high-bush Cranberry grows to a height of about 4 meters and bears large red acid fruits in drooping terminal clusters. There are at least eight speices of related bushes across canada, some of the common names include squashberry, hobblebush, … Continue reading

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