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Garden Count so far for 2011

Garden Counts for 2011 to date, most of the harvest is done, will do one more big update in oct on what the final main harvest will be.. Hard Fruits Apples-77 pds-Still a bit more coming yet Crabapples-44 pds Wild … Continue reading

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Ah the joys of wild harvesting..

So this spring, my Dear Hubby was thrilled to find a new patch of my wild plum bushes and he has been checking them off and on thought the season, and was very excited to do the first pick, now … Continue reading

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Sign of the times..

With late summer and early fall wild crabapple, apple, plum and berry foraging all taking place, it means that I am driving down some roads that I typically only go down twice a year, once in the spring to confirm … Continue reading

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Making Homemade Grape Juice

Do you grow your own grapes?  Do you hunt for wild grapes? What do you do with your grapes, fresh eating for some? Use the Grape Leaves in cooking? Do you make your own juice, jelly or do you make homemade … Continue reading

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Elderberry and Peachs… what a great flavor combo!

Hello Folks I think this year just might end up being the year of the elderberry, they are huge, they are juicy, they are coming out my ears, and I love it! I have put away bag after bag full … Continue reading

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My most available local wild fruits-ChokeBerries and Elderberries.

Just another day or two and the first of this years elderberry crop will be ready to start coming in, just want a those still reddish to turn a touch more black, but you can’t wait to long or the … Continue reading

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Rain, garden produce, Chokeberry Season has started.

We are into our third day in the rain, good steady warmish rain, by my count on our rain gauge we have had just over 4 inchs, excellent for the pastures, for the garden and for our shallow well! Thankfully … Continue reading

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Plum Recipes including Farmgal’s Plum BBQ

Well got notice friday that my flat of fresh picked yellow plums that were just driven up last night from down in the fruit belt of our province were ready for pick up.. Someone asked me (at Stone House Road blog) … Continue reading

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Canning Log Update

  It was time to do a inventory of the canning, so I can have a better idea of what needs to be put up this season, Figured we would share with the folks were we start and then do … Continue reading

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Berries season moves on..

Its a rain day, and boy do I need it, the garden and pastures can use this lovely soft, gentle but steady rain for the past couple hours, my first cherry tomato’s are turning color, have hints of red and … Continue reading

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