Rain, garden produce, Chokeberry Season has started.

We are into our third day in the rain, good steady warmish rain, by my count on our rain gauge we have had just over 4 inchs, excellent for the pastures, for the garden and for our shallow well! Thankfully the rain is coming off and on with nice temps in the low twenty’s, so its just down right a pleasure to be out in the gardens, other then the bugs, they are not just out in force, they think they are in overtime!

In the forest (that really needs to be trimmed!) that thinks itself a tomato patch, my big girls are starting to come in well now, most of them around this size, which really only fits one per hand, I have several hundred of these coming yet.. in the Roma’s which are doing very well, I would guess that I have about 500-600 green tomato’s coming at this time, with more blooms on the way, but I will start cutting them to force them to ripen the ones they already have.

In the mini department, they are crazy this year.. at least five feet high, and I must have at a min around a thousand or more of these little guys in different stages.. they are sweet like candy, dry stunningly well, so I should have a good number gallon jars worth of dried tomato’s put away for winter!

Got out to a girlfriends to do a little apple picking, I should have ideally gotten over last week, as they are really ready and dropping at this point and bruise easily while picked and put into the picking bucket, and I am guessing you will notice the difference between natural looking apples vs what store look like.. These are already being simmers on the stove, will be drained out and the apple juice will go to make a number of different products, including apple cinnamon pancake/waffle syrup etc. Have to gift a little jar or two back to the friends that let me pick their tree.

Having gotten caught up on the big cucumbers this past weekend, and having a number of jars of different relishes added to the cellar, the cucumber patch is doing very well.. time to make some pickles.. lots and lots of bread and butter one are on the menu!

I see that the first pickings of the Chokeberry’s are ready to be started and the first of the elderberries will be ready by the end of the week, the bush’s are being funky this year, I have some that are just in bloom, some just starting to form green berries, some filling out and some bushes already having fruit turning color, so it will be a prolonged harvest, the older bushes are at least a full month ahead of some of the newer younger bushes.

So, what are you harvesting these days out of the garden? What is giving a bumper crop this year so far? What is making your groan and give the plants the eye (for me its the new heritage pepper plants I have, I have YET to see a single pepper, the plants look healthy and are growing and filling their cages, and yet few flowers and no peppers) On the other hand the corn is filling out nicely and the scarlet runner beans are looking to be workhorses.

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7 Responses to Rain, garden produce, Chokeberry Season has started.

  1. Daisy says:

    Elderberries already! Wow, our’s aren’t even close, I figure they are going to be late this year. I’m finally getting a bit from the garden, we’re getting lots of cherry toms too but just the odd biggie. The romas are at least a month away yet, but I have holidays next month so I’ll be canning those babies up. Just a few green and yellow beans so far, the plants are huge now but hardly any flowers. Is it possible I put too much manure on the garden? The dry beans are coming along nicely, so I don’t get it. Did 12L of dills, though, after work on Sat night. Woot! Oh, and now I have a craving for apple cinnamon waffles. Mmmm…waffles. 🙂

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      12 bottles of Dills… In one night… WOW and Yuummmy too! Are you in the strict dillweed/garlic only camp or do you use pickling spices and other things in yours?
      Those beans of yours… Are those monster leaves a really nice dark green? Oopsy! You guessed it, nitrogen overdose! Next year, there’s always next year, right? (It’s The Gardener’s Mantra; ) We had Dahlias at crotch height one year, dark green monsters without a single bud – very, very 😦

    • Hi Daisy

      I know, I am a bit surprised myself that I have some of the big bush’s already starting to turn color, but I won’t mind some fresh elderberry in the house, but its typically easier to have a crop come at once and get it done then to need to collect over a few weeks. Mine were quite late last year, so they certainly seem to move around on the time they are ready.

      Enjoy your dills, yesterday I did 24 jars of bread and butter pickles, today I will do the same with english bread and butter if all goes well.

      • Daisy says:

        I usually start looking for elderberries come Labor Day weekend, but I’ve got the word out now and big brother has his eyes peeled. I’m debating about doing bread and butter this year, we still have some left from last year and I’m wondering if it’s worth it. Yeah, I just convinced myself that it is. 🙂

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hi FarmGal, do you know if your apples are Gravensteiner… and what are chokeberries?
    As far as bumper crops go, well when all you’ve got planted is 16 Romas, 24 Shepphard Peppers, 8 jalapeños, 4 Red Cabbage and 3 triple-planted rows of onions; there’s not much to pick (har, har ; ) from. Oh yah, and 3 heritage jumbo-sized Cherry Toms in pots out back… Right now there’s about 7 clusters with 12/cluster on all 3: that’s roughly 250? – so far, that is. Not bad, eh? I’ll be saving seed off of these. That are AWESOME in every sense!! Oh, and thanks for the drying tip. Can actually use the oven now that it’s really cooling off at night, and they’ll be SO lovely in the dead of winter!:D. Jalapeños are doing really well too: they loved that super-hot weather once straw-mulch went down in the garden. Romas have started to come and hopefully there’ll be enough ready at the same time to do the canner fully loaded. Sheppard Peppers got sun-scalded:( but are coming well now. Oh, and both Bartlett and Clapps Favourite are loaded this year: )

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aronia

      I should be a post on the chokeberries, as from my research, they are so healthy, and I quite like the juice taste, its likea mix between blueberry/pear for my taste buds, I have either the black or purple wild chokeberry growing in my local area, there is a huge patch over by a farmers hay field, and I have big one now as well as a few small ones on the farm itself that I have been allowing to grow out.

      Don’t know about the apples, I can ask the tree owners but it was there when they bought the house, so not sure they know either. Yes the cherry toms do dry so wonder, and the taste this year is amazing, so sweet!

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