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March Challange Report -2nd

So the answer to am I going to go fix my mistake of not getting my last food buying is no, In the past if farm work, or weather meant that the you didn’t get to town, then they would … Continue reading

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Breaded Lamb Liver Recipe

Ah liver, folks seem to either love it or hate it, rarely is there a middle ground on the taste and texture of this organ meat. A typical lamb’s liver¬† can be cut into thin cooking slices, I tend to … Continue reading

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Heart Kebab’s on a Bed of Green Recipe

Trim and then Cut up your Lamb Heart into cubes, and then in a bowl put a good pinch of sea salt, some fresh ground black pepper, some fresh grated ginger or horseradish, one clove of garlic some red wine … Continue reading

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Lamb Heart Stirfry with Coucous

This is a lovely way to serve heart, this is quick fry thinly sliced prepped heart Lamb Heart Stirfry Lamb Heart- 1 Whole Trimmed and sliced heart (or about 6 to 8 Chicken Hearts or 1/4th of a beef heart) … Continue reading

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Have a Heart? Heart shaped Box of Chocolates.. nope..

How about a whole host of yummy hearts recipes..¬† In this case, lamb maybe a few chicken or duck heart recipes thrown in. So I have four to six planned recipes over the next week or two that are going … Continue reading

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Dark Day Meal 5- Lamb Chops with winter sides dishes

Well, there was no chance or hope to do my dark day meals while I was out in alberta, I had some amazing meals, has some lovely bison at my Dad’s, the most bland Free range turkey ever, it certainly … Continue reading

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Lamb Stuffed SpareRibs Recipe

Now I do think this would better with pork ribs as the orginal recipe called for, but I didn’t have any in the freezer, but the lamb ribs are very small, so I went with one year old mutton ribs. … Continue reading

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Dark Day’s Meal -Week One Nov 27th to Dec 4th

I’m quite excited Dark Days Eating local challange has started, and this year, I am SO! ready, I have tracked down sources and gotten things that last year I could either not find or could not find at a price … Continue reading

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Monday…This and that

Finally, I have been up since six, my morning list of chores before being allowed to write is always just a bit longer on monday, I had cooked up some yummy steel cut oats for breakfast and for bread making. … Continue reading

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Butchering out a leg of lamb

Now when you buy a whole or half a lamb, the odds are good that you will get tradional cuts done by the butcher unless you ask for something different, and they just love to give you a whole leg … Continue reading

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