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Winter eggs- How to get them

How do you get a steady supply of winter eggs on the homestead? Most folks talk about Light and how it effects laying and it does, and its important for sure.. Darker hens have more trouble with this then lighter … Continue reading

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The danger of a food glut-Pantry Woes

It does not matter if you buy in bulk at the farmers market, buy in bulk from your local farmer or be a homesteader, old or new at the living off the land, one of the big challenges is food … Continue reading

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Heavy Dual Bird Growout 2015 – Speckled Sussex

This grow out had a number of challenges, the least of which are that I got chicks at three different times of the year, so they have to be compared to where they are fair more then If I had … Continue reading

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The New Layer Flock to be..

My older flock is really getting up there with age on some of the hens, I love them and I hope to get another year or two out of them yet, but my youngest hen is three coming four and … Continue reading

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How to get your birds out of a tree!

If you have had chickens or fowl of some kind, it happens to the best of us.. we teach them to come when called, we train them to go into the coop at night, we round them up and chase … Continue reading

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Chickens- Egg production overview 2015- Jan

The intent of working to keep track of this is for a few reasons, in part because this is a tracking year! A) General overview of costs of the hens vs the return impute on the eggs, (I am unsure … Continue reading

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Proof in the pudding, or in this case, proof in nest box.

So last year,  I brought a high quality faverolles rooster at the spring bird sale, I paid a pretty penny for him and I named him Wash, he is a very good rooster, he is great with us, he is … Continue reading

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The New Chicks..

Well so far momma hen has hatched less then 50% of her clutch, the four are doing great,  Momma is still sitting on her eggs and she has now hatched a single chick for three days in a row.. and she shows … Continue reading

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Won’t they make such pretty chicks?!

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Very interesting information from Mcmurray Hatchery in regards to Light Bulbs..

Makes me glad all over that I removed all the non-stick pans in the house, but I will now have to start double checking when we buy our light bulbs for the little barn, so glad I use the in … Continue reading

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