The New Layer Flock to be..

My older flock is really getting up there with age on some of the hens, I love them and I hope to get another year or two out of them yet, but my youngest hen is three coming four and my other six hens are four to six years in age, time to bring in some new blood..


I have a lovely trio of a small rare breed, the Iceland chicken, they are in their own breeding pen in order to produce their own little wee ones, I am not sure I am keeping them, I like them to a point but we will see..


My new layer flock is a mix of breeds and kinds, they will produce blue and green eggs, they will produce light creamy off white eggs, light brown eggs and dark chocolate brown eggs, o yes, the egg basket will overflow in the colors..


But equally important all the layers will be a lovely dual purpose breed, in the sense of producing a nice med body size for eating of offspring, but I went one step further, I got in six heavy for creating my own small bigger meat bird production..


Here are my knicked meat crosses birds, I appear to have a lot of hens in this and so I will be crossing with a dual purpose rooster but that is just fine.. I have not had much luck with heavies bird breeds over the years, they seem so much more fragile heathwise then the dual purpose but we will give them a try..


I do have a few purebred Speckled Sussux, that I will be raising out, breeding as purebred to see if I like the breed as my main new chicken but that will be at least a three year project before I have my answers..


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