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Our Winter Fruit Needs..

We needed to head into town yesterday morning, as we needed to hit the hardware store and I do my best to tag team go to town trips. I will think ahead by days or the whole week, the whole … Continue reading

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How to make Salt Cured Lemons

Putting up a few Jar’s of Salt Cured Lemon’s is very easy to do.  I will show you step by step in three photos! Wash your lemon to remove any wax, rinse them well with cool water, trim the ends … Continue reading

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How to use the Baggy Method to Start Seeds

The Baggy Seed Starting Method is very easy to do and its very worth it! All home harvested seeds and older seeds should be given a germination test using this method NOW! in seed ordering season. I can not stress … Continue reading

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Feeding Back your Egg Shells to your Hens

The Hens are laying like mad at the moment. It feels like spring with the glut of older and pullet eggs coming in the house at the moment..   We are getting between 7 to 8 dozen a week at … Continue reading

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Canning Dark Brown Beans

It seemed like the perfect day to can up some dark spicy beans. I set a whole bag of navy beans to soaking last night, changing the water twice.  This morning into my big pot went the beans and my … Continue reading

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How to make your own Bird Feeder Suet Cakes!

How to make your own Bird Feeder Suet Cakes could not be easier It take a few minutes from start to finish and its a great little project to do the little people in your life and will give lots … Continue reading

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Spider Plants “repotting”

Spider Plant “Chlorophytum comosum”   It’s a favorite plant of mine, I have always liked this ribbon striped grass like plant since I was a child. It is easy to care for and very hard to kill to be honest. … Continue reading

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Nicotiana Rustica – Aztec Tabacco

I have ordered in a new kind of tobacco to me, it’s often called the Aztec Tobacco and it has a crazy high rate of nicotine. The average tobacco has 1 to 3 percent, this plant on average has 9 … Continue reading

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Going Old School Using a Warm Salt Sock

When I have sore ears I love to bring out this old school trick.. hot (warm) salt in a thick sock.. Is it just the warmth that soothes, is it the warmth that help the blood flow better to allow … Continue reading

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DIY Pinecones Colored Flames Project

Simple DIY project using free picked up pinecones turned into a neat colored flames to use in your outdoor fall fires. We had collected a large bucket of pinecones and I roasted them at 200 for 20 min to make … Continue reading

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