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Spider Plants “repotting”

Spider Plant “Chlorophytum comosum”   It’s a favorite plant of mine, I have always liked this ribbon striped grass like plant since I was a child. It is easy to care for and very hard to kill to be honest. … Continue reading

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Nicotiana Rustica – Aztec Tabacco

I have ordered in a new kind of tobacco to me, it’s often called the Aztec Tobacco and it has a crazy high rate of nicotine. The average tobacco has 1 to 3 percent, this plant on average has 9 … Continue reading

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Going Old School Using a Warm Salt Sock

When I have sore ears I love to bring out this old school trick.. hot (warm) salt in a thick sock.. Is it just the warmth that soothes, is it the warmth that help the blood flow better to allow … Continue reading

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DIY Pinecones Colored Flames Project

Simple DIY project using free picked up pinecones turned into a neat colored flames to use in your outdoor fall fires. We had collected a large bucket of pinecones and I roasted them at 200 for 20 min to make … Continue reading

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Frugal Pasture Repair

Happy Sunday to my lovely readers.. We are having a very productive weekend, we are in repair mode on a project here on the farm.. We are in the final push on it today..  If we get it done fast … Continue reading

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Preparing for the what will come.

It used to be what we could honestly say.. Preparing for what might never happen.. But I am not sure where you can be living right now that you are not being effected at SOME point in the year by … Continue reading

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Preparing Dandelion Flowers for future use

Dandelion flower are lovely to use in a number of ways. You can add them to honey to make Dandelion honey. You can add them to butter. You can add them to dough and make cakes with them or mini … Continue reading

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The Flock and Scrub Spruce

We took down three Scrub Spruce that had grown up in the wrong place and needed to be removed. They were cut down and hauled down to the big barn to be thrown in the pens for the goats and … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Recycle your Egg Shells

This lovely sight greeted me this morning, Dear Hubby had washed the eggs and he had color coded them. Just adorable to find this waiting for me when I got up 🙂 With the flush of eggs that comes in … Continue reading

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Red Grape Pie

Red Grape Pie came about because its yummy and those grapes needed to be used up. You see somehow huge awesome seeded grapes came into the house.. and there they sat.. because opps seeded. So they were not getting eaten … Continue reading

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