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Christmas Tree’s…

I was raised in bush country more often then not in Alberta, and I swear my folks either breed in or created a love of the bush from a young age.. It most likely helped that for a good number … Continue reading

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The years are flowing by..

Its a cold grey snow blowing day this morning, and my little girl would be a year older. The years are flowing by, and I wonder sometimes what would she have been like? Who would she look like now? What … Continue reading

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Farm Sales Stories

Auctions and Farm Sales are a time honored way to spend a saturday with farmers in your neck of the woods. I can remember as a small child always wanting to hear the story of the wash board.. it seems … Continue reading

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Mock Pinapple Canning Recipe

So as anyone that has been reading the blog knows, I have been canning pinapple, which is a real treat, because when has Pinapple ever been so cheap that you can just can a whole years worth at a time. … Continue reading

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Purdy, Priss and Munchkin

Priss is coming on fourteen and Muchkin is going strong at eleven, only Purdy has cross the bridge to the other side but were has the time gone, it seems like they were just kittens and now they are old … Continue reading

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As you know, I am doing a local Dark Days Challange, and it got me thinking about how local food changes based on where you live, I enjoyed supporting the local Inuit when I lived up in the high artic, … Continue reading

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Cream of Wheat

The hounds got me up on time this morning and my chores that normally take about an hour an half, took three plus today, but at least my foot is a little better today.. I took apart, moved and set … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Christmas Cake Recipe

Thank you to my Aunt L for sending me grandma’s Recipe for Christmas Cake.. Here is Grandma,s recipe…   In a Large bowl….1 cup butter — 1 1/4 cups packed Brown Sugar,   Cream together              Beat in separately 6 … Continue reading

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Less we forget….. Rating PG

May we all remember those who have given their lives in the past, present and future for our daily freedoms. They have traveled a path that was long and I am sure at times seemed never ending.. In honor of … Continue reading

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Knitting, Knitting and more Knitting

Well, this little project, which has since become a large! project happened because in Sept, it was starting to cool off and the winds were becoming bitter and so I dug out my knitted ear warmer.. this was made by … Continue reading

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