Knitting, Knitting and more Knitting

Well, this little project, which has since become a large! project happened because in Sept, it was starting to cool off and the winds were becoming bitter and so I dug out my knitted ear warmer.. this was made by my mom’s mother, my grandma D

I was taught to knit as a child by my other grandmother when she came to live with us for a winter, I think I would have been eight or nine at the time, and I found it amazing that both my grandmothers could make slippers, and scarfs, hats but Grandma E had me, when she showed me how to knit my own barbie clothes.

Fast forward to now,  and I was looking at my ear warmer and thought.. I should make ear warmers in memory of Grandma D for my brothers little ones. Well, little did I know that such a simple thought would turn into what it has..

To date, I have finished scarfs for Ken, Mom, Dad, Hailey, Hayden, Dawson, Cloe, Verla,  and I am currently working on my own Scarf at the moment.

Extra’s that have been made, Knitted wash cloths, Knitted face wash cloths, Knitted hot pot center piece, little mini Christmas trees, Mini Wreaths, Hair pony tail, fingerless knitted work gloves, Headbane for Jason, knitted change purses

I am hopeful that I will have a few more projects finished by Christmas and then I am going to start working on a knitted patch quilt for a lap blanket and then going to start on hats for next year..

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