The Golden Reward for the Morning Chores

Well its wet, and cold this morning, with a little fog.. the whole farm is damp with the ground soaked to the point of puddles and our little  ponds overflowing at their edges.

Bundled up and wearing the good old duck boots, I head out the door for chores, somehow the crisp cold air feels good but the dampness quickly creeps in as I work.. First out to the big pasture to cut open a new round bale of hay for the sheep flock, check the tarps on the other bales to make to all are holding in these winds and then pitchfork two full 80 liter carry totes with hay, while I listen to Girl bawl for her breakfast.

Carrying one tote and the freshly made warm milk bucket for the calf, I head out on the path that cuts though the swamp, normally the raised path hubby has made for me means I am high enough to avoid the swish.. but not today, the two days of rain has the water whelling up around my boots, up to the calf shed, first milk, then ration, then a new feeder full of fresh hay, and then clean out time, and fluffing an adding fresh bedding to her sleeping area.

Back Across the swamp to get the second tote and across the fields into the big barn, to feed Butterscotch and Ripple Chips my in lock down sheep, Fill their feeder, and start hand pumping the barns water, I know, I know it makes so much more sence to have it set up for auto but I wanted one well on the farm to be off-grid, and choose the deep well to make it so.. so three five gallon buckets of water later,  my arms are burning, my lungs puffing my breath out into the cold damp air, and I am Feeling fully alive.. The high water level means that the pump is smooth and sweet to work today.. unlike when its dry out and the pressure required is at least twice the work per stroke.

Up the main path and on to the little barn chores, first the rabbits need their feeders filled, and their water dished dumped and filled, also I see a few extra tuffs of hair in one pen, a very quick peek shows me a nest of fluffy creamy hair about six inchs wide that has the puffy movement under the hair that tells me a new litter has arrived.. I throw in a big extra handful of straw in the front of the box, in case momma rabbit wants to fix her back bedding a bit more.

The ducks are dabbling in the muds and rain puddles in their outdoor pens as they sing their morning greets to me.. the ducks are always happy when it rains.. the chickens not so much, they are all in the inside pens, sitting up on their roosts under their heat lamps..  Wimps..

First to the pen of new up and coming layers, my little chicks are not so little anymore, growing like weeds, they are now little chickens, like a teen boy that just needs to fill out as the frame is there mostly.. The roosters will be ready for freezer camp in another four to six weeks, the little hens should be starting to lay in late Jan or early Feb.

Time to feed the current hard working girls, and I am pleased to see eggs waiting for me in three nest, and blessed be.. one of the hens is still in the nest, and when she hops out for me, there is a still warm, just layed egg..

Back inside, and warming up with a mug of tea, and its time for my breakfast..  yummmm! Check out that wonderful yolk.. dippy egg  is a delight to the senses..

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2 Responses to The Golden Reward for the Morning Chores

  1. Mitchell City Boy says:

    Man that brings back memory’s of breakfast with my Grandma! Bet that breakfast was oh so good. Keep it coming!

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