October unprocessed week 2 cost info

Oct 3rd

  • breakfast- oatmeal-50 cents(DH) bean salad .75 (FG)
  • lunch soup-pork-veggie 2.00 (dh) an Cold Corn 1.00 (FG)
  • supper -Venison Stew with biscuit * 3.4 pounds Venison 29.99 per kilo per 2.2 pounds -44.98 potatoes 6, 2 onions, garlic, half package mushrooms, 6 carrots total= 51.73
  • Drinks, Water, Coffee an tea with honey 1.50
  • Snack- pumpkin spice loaf x2 2.00  oatmeal peanut butter cookies (hubby only)6 cookie 1.50
  • Baking powder biscuit 1.00 each x2
  • six portions of stew-8.62

Total Costs 37.61 6 meals plus snacks and drinks average out to 6.27 per meal

Farmgal Costs 10.26  6 meals plus snacks and drinks average out to 1.71 per meal

Farmgal Saving : 27.35

Oct 4th

Breakfast- Oatmeal (DH) .50  Biscuit with leftover chicken bits (FG) 2.00

Lunch- Egg Drop Soup (FG) White broth, kale bits, spices and 1 farm egg 4.00 and Venison Stew (DH) with Biscuit 9.62

Supper- Homemade Taco’s 1 Pound Beef 6.00 (home raised canned) two onions .50 garlic .25 two large tomato’s 1.50  four large flat breads 2.67  1 head of romaine lettuce 1.00  half a cup of salsa 1.50

Drinks- Coffee, tea and water 1.50

Snacks- DH, Cookies, Pumpkin Loaf 4.50 and  Cherry Jam Buns (tiny but three each for both Compared to local bakery 3.99 for top of the line fruit buns.

Total cost for the day 39.53 Total cost for 6 meals, plus 3 snacks and drinks- 6.58 per meal

Farmgal Costs : 12.59 total costs for 6 meals 3 snacks and drinks- per meal 2.09

Farmgal’s Savings : 26. 94

  • chicken bits left on the bones, broth was rabbit, kale from garden, farm egg, our raised beef, garden veggies, homemade flat bread an salsa, my own sour cherry jam made with local Ontario grown cherries bought in bulk for processing. I made a small batch of dough, four flat breads and six cherry buns.

Oct 5th

Breakfast- 2 eggs, Kale on biscuit (FG) 1.00 x2  Pumpkin loaf 1.00, Oatmeal .50  (DH) Orange .40

Lunch- Dh (Beef Barley Soup) 3.99 6 cookies 1.50 , Pumpkin loaf 1.00 (FG) Oven Roasted Carrots, butter and salt Top of line carrot soup cost 3.99

Supper: Leftover Vension Stew,- 8.62 x2 Biscuit 1 x2 and 1 whole fresh pinapple cut up for dessert 3.99

Drinks: Water, Coffee and Tea 1.50

Total cost : 39.11

Meal costs- 6 meals-two snacks and drinks- 6.52

Farmgal costs – 10.60   meal cost -6 meals plus snack an drink- 1.76 per meal

  • eggs an kale from farm, beef an some veggies from farm, all baked good homemade, leftovers and pinapple got on sale at 2 for 5

Farmgal Savings-28.51

Oct 6th

Well, hubby had a fun day today lets just split our meals up

breakfast- pumpkin loaf x 3 3.00, hot chocolate 2 dollars  orange .40

Lunch- massive poutine an coke (taken for work lunch) 14

Supper as he was still not hungry when got home-none

snack – five cookies an tea x2 3.50


FG- Breakfast- Hot mushroom soup-3.99 clear mushroom-onion broth

lunch- Roasted Carrot, Acorn Sqaush with a bit of butter, salt 2.50

Supper: Roasted Pork (as hubby did not want to eat, I just had a portion of pork) 4

orange current cookies 2 dollars , coffee and lemonade an water 1.50

Total costs : 34.89  Breakdown, 5 meals, 4 snacks and drinks. 6.98

Farmgal Costs 25.47 (Look at what eating out did to my budget!) Take out hubbies eating out lunch of 14..

On farm costs -11.47 5 meals plus 4 snacks and drinks 2.29 per person per meal.

Farmgal savings  9.42


Oct 7th

Breakfast-Oatmeal .50, orange .40, (DH) hot chocolate.2 , 3/4 of cup of cold diced pork 4 with a 1/4th of salsa .75, coffee (FG)

Lunch- FG (Harvest Soup) 3.99 , Pork and Roasted Carrots 5

Supper- Harvest Soup X 2 at 3,99

Snacks and Drinks 7 cookies, Potato Chips (just oil, potato, salt) and homemade dip, Water, Apple Juice, Coffee and Tea.  7, 2, 3, 1.50

Total for the day 30.47 average out to 5.07 per meal, 6 meals and snacks and drinks

Farmgal Costs : 8.82 costs total out to 1.47 per person, per meal including days snacks and drinks.

Oct 8th

Breakfast- Green Grapes 4.50 and Hot coffee or tea for both of us.

Lunch- Omelet, 2 eggs each, 1 onion, half a red pepper, a cup of mushrooms and half a cup of old aged cheddar cheese. 3 x2

Supper : Green Salad 2 x2 2.99  and Harvest Soup x2 3.99

Snacks Popcorn with butter 3

Drinks, Water, Apple Juice, tea and coffee 2

Costs 29.46  six meals, drinks and snacks per meal cost : 4.91

Farmgal costs :13.05 Cost per meal 2.17

Totals Week 1 (remember was only 2 days long)

Total Cost 62.02

Farmgal Total Cost :26.65

Savings for the week- 35.37 or .57% savings

Total for the Week 2 is 211.07  averages out to 5.02 per meal including snack-drinks

Farmgal Total of the Week is 66.79 Averages out to 1.59 per meal including snack-drinks

Total Savings for the week is 144.28 or 68% by being on the farm.

Now I did my best to eat like normal while still doing all unprocessed foods Challenge for October.. so I am aware that I am still doing some of my regular normal cost saving things like making bigger portions and then eating leftovers and as hubby was taken out for his lunch, I was grateful I did not have to add that to my food bill..  It was eye popping to realize that one meal could be more then my total day food costs..

Combined overview to date.

Total – 273.09

Farmgal Total – 93.44

Savings with percent 179.65 or 66% savings overall

Now comes the scary part for me..

if we eat the way  that we do and bought from the store, we need to increase the spending x2 for the national average of 4 per house, our overview so far only covers nine days but its a work in progress

546.18.. national average says we need to spend between 1200 to 1600 per month for four people family.. I have already “spent” 546.18 of my max 1600 in nine days, I am seeing a clear issue.

Even on my Farmgal savings, I am at 186.88 for the 9 days if done for a family of four..

Well, what do you think? expected higher savings? thought farm raised meats would be cheaper? liked the link backs to the meals? and recipes for things served?






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2 Responses to October unprocessed week 2 cost info

  1. valbjerke says:

    I’m very interested in seeing what the total will be for a family of four after a month. I’m suspecting it will be near the max, your savings will continue to be over the 50 percent mark. What I find interesting – most people I know – eat out at least once a week (sometimes more)) or order take out (pizza delivery etc). I can’t imagine that expense offsets dollar for dollar comparing to store bought food.

    • if we stay on pattern with no changes, I expected as well that we will be at the max area, I hope that it will be at least 60 plus in savings, and we lucked out that the “meal” out was a business lunch and that hubby was treated or it would have needed to count on my data as cost out of pocket

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