Venison Stew with Baking Powder Biscuits Recipe


Slow Roasted Venison Stew with Baking Powder Biscuits

  • 3.4 pound Shoulder Roast with a bit of bone in
  • 2 med onions
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 4 large potato’s
  • 4 large carrots
  • half a smaller turnip
  • 8 whole mushrooms
  • Salt, pepper and Basil to taste.

Slow oven at 300, put your onions, garlic and roast in your good cast iron pot and cover with water up to 3/4th of the roast, (this is a slow wetter roast) for at least 3 hours and then take out, and add the sliced into 4 mushrooms, large cubed potato, carrots and turnips around the roast, cover and back into the oven for another two to three hours till the veggies are fork tender. At this point, the meat will be fall apart tender.

This made a very generous 6 portions

Lets talk a little bit about Venison..

Venison is typically considered to anything from the deer family, it is any cut or part of the deer, it can be any sex and any age.. its all still venison.

You can buy farmed Venison, I have seen those prices.. ouch! its a bit crazy locally in my area for what the costs will be but in most of N.A. there is a way to get much more reasonable cost for venison and that is hunting of course.

Yes, you need to jump though more hoops today then I or my family did as a child, its a combo of where I live today and just more modern rules.. Having said that, its not the case in many areas in the states, where instead of a draw, you can buy one or more tags for a few dollars.

For anyone that wants top of the line meat, Venison is that and then some.. having said that, it does take to certain ways of cooking.. if you are used to bland store meats, you will find it very full of flavour, if you are used to that grain feed perfectly marbled meats that are great for fast fry.. then many cuts of Venison will turn out to be stiff and dry..

Venison needs to be treated like a well raised grass-fed lean red meat.. speaking of that, where the deer lives and what is main grazing is, will effect its flavour.. bush deer do not taste the same as corn feed-hay pasture deer,  any more then eastern moose taste the same as northern willow moose will..

So if you are not already hunting to help fill you freezer, I would highly recommend considering learn about it.. as the food costs continue to go up.. this is a area that if you are careful and frugal, you can get into it on the cheap side.. learn to do your own butchering and now you are really saving big!

Do you hunt? Do you eat wild game? What is your favorite way to eat Venison? Are you in a area that has lots of deer or are you in a area that you can hunt all season and come home empty handed, that you might not get a tag, that you might have to travel to get a tag?


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3 Responses to Venison Stew with Baking Powder Biscuits Recipe

  1. valbjerke says:

    I haven’t gone hunting since I was a kid..,.grew up eating a ton of moose. As long as I can raise my own meat (beef, pork, chicken) I can’t justify the expense and time involved in hunting and processing game. Hunting is very popular in this area – mostly moose and it’s easy enough to get a roast or two if you know somebody who hunts. I’ve also a friend that will give me bear fat to render – it makes excellent boot grease for waterproofing. 😊

    • That’s true that if you are able to raise your own meat it makes a huge difference in if you want to invest in being able to hunt. Glad you live in a area with lots of moose, that is some amazing meat for the freezer and so much more per animal then a deer, I always think of a moose like a beef vs a deer like a sheep meat weight wise in the end. Luck you on being able to get some roast and that’s fab in regards to the bear fat, I have rendered that myself, its outstanding

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