Healthy Harvest Soup Recipe


Healthy Harvest Soup

2 quarts Broth Made from a pork with bone in roast
2 cups of garlic scrapes
2 cups of red pepper diced
1 large carrot diced
1 cup of cooked acorn squash
1/2 cup of pearl barley
1 cup of diced pre-cooked pork
1 tsp of Basil or Horseradish Dried Crumbled Greens or Dried Nettle greens crumbled.

This soup is quite flexible, but I will do it in detail because it got RAVE reviews..  I took a 4 pounds shoulder roast of a pasture raised pork which was pretty lean with bone in and I put 2 cups of frozen chopped Garlic Scrapes and 2 cups of diced frozen red pepper into the bottom of my good heavy cast iron baking pot and I put the meat on top, and added water till it reached 3/4th up the roast and it went into a slow oven at 300. It was cooked till it was fall apart tender, reducing broth about half.

I pulled the roast, using it for a few things and then I chilled the rest overnight in a nice flat pan and I deglazed the sides and bits on the pot for an extra quart of broth in the end, leaving me with 2 quarts of pork-veggies broth

Then I strained it and diced the scrapes into smaller bits for eating in the soup, I had leftover roasted carrot, squash and pre-cooked pork, in it all went with some dried greens, and half a cup of Pearl Barley, the first soup was taken and eaten when then barley was just cooked, and it was good but it hit its “rave reviews” on reheat, the barley was full and plump.


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5 Responses to Healthy Harvest Soup Recipe

  1. valbjerke says:

    Dried horseradish greens…. I have a massive horseradish plant I’m about to harvest this weekend. Do you mean the greens from the leaves of the plant?
    PS: still waiting for a post on how you process and preserve pigweed – when you have time of course 😊

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