A Question for you all? Canadian Thanksgiving Mini Challange

Hi to everyone but this is mainly at the moment for my Canadian readers.. thanksgiving is this weekend! Got a wee thanksgiving mini Challenge for you all.  photo off net


Can you make one or more item on your dinner table 0 mile?

Can you make one or more item on your dinner table Locally produced? 100 mile max

Can you make one or more items on your dinner table local farm gate or pasture raised or u-picked, something anything that cut the middle man and came from within a reasonable distance from your home?

Let me know how it goes? Also was it something traditional to your table or did you need think outside the regular to make it happen?

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4 Responses to A Question for you all? Canadian Thanksgiving Mini Challange

  1. valbjerke says:

    Almost – excluding salt and pepper, and are those mushrooms in the stuffing? I’d have to use chanterelles. 😊 I caught sight of the figs – I’ve a friend that grows figs in the okanagan – a five year wait for her, but quite the accomplishment.


    Those are really good questions!…..made me do a little inventory of our Thanksgiving meal:
    1 28 lb. turkey!…….pasture raised by Brother # 3,
    1 15 lb. ham……..pasture raised by Brother #2 & Brother # 4,
    ?? pounds of potatoes……grown by my Mom,
    ?? pounds of carrots………grown by my Mom,
    1 25 lb. Hubbard squash!……..grown by my Hubby,
    1 quart jar of pickled beets………grown & preserved by Me,
    2 pint jars of Grandma’s Tongue Pickles……..cucumbers grown and preserved by Me,
    2 pint jars of hi-bush cranberry jelly…….gathered and preserved by Me,
    ?? dozen rolls…………….baked with local flour by my Daughter,
    1 Apple Pie……….a neighbour’s apples,
    1 Pumpkin Pie……..grown by Hubby, prepared by Me,
    1 Mincemeat Pie……..my Grandmother’s recipe for ‘Green Tomato Mincemeat’….tomatoes grown by Me, a neighbour’s apples, and maple syrup from my Dad’s sugarbush…….all the pastry made by Me
    with local organic flour and the lard I rendered from last year’s hog harvest,
    ?? 2-litre jugs of fresh-pressed apple juice……made by Hubby, Me and 5 Grandkids on a gorgeous autumn day with a neighbour’s cider press!

    I haven’t quite reached my ultimate ambition of “firing” the grocery store yet………but we get a little closer every year. Thanks for the leading questions that prompted my inventory of all I have to be grateful for……..and that’s just the stuff on the table!……even more important are the 60 or so precious faces around it – or ‘them’ actually, because it takes about 6 or 7 tables to seat us all!!
    Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

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