Sept-Harvest Challenge 2016- Sunflower Seeds

Now I should have had a killer sunflower harvest, we planted out four rows of around 40 seeds each, so I should be harvesting around 120 heads for storage, some for our own use for lovely homemade eating..  but a good amount of them were planning on being seeded and dried for future use in terms of extra fat and protein boost for both my rabbits and my fowl in the deep part of winter, I will need to buy a bag or two of black oil sunflower seeds instead of using my own. but some of them would also just be cut into hunks and tossed to the chickens.


But then the drought happened and nothing came up.. I water and still nothing.. I planted a few seeds in a pot and they were slow but they came, so it was not the seed, it was the ground.. sigh.. fine..

but as plants will do a few slowly popped up and grew.. so I have a harvest of around eight plants in total, none of them are big like they should be. the whole seed head in some cases are the size of my normal cut it into hunks size.


Most of them are this size, and as you can see by my hand, they are tiny.. they are normally 10 to 18 inches across, they one might be six to eight inches.. huge amount of difference.


They are also a week to two weeks early in being pretty ready.. normally I harvest them second to third week of Sept, but they are ready..

Given the limited supply, I am going to just harvest the good ones and dry them for rabbit use for the momma’s in milk and for the rest that are so-so, I will just cut and feed them daily to the bird pens.

Did you grow sunflowers this year? Do you grow for your own use? or for the farm? Do you grow the big Russians or do you grow the smaller black oil sunflowers? How was your crop this fall?




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