Sept- Harvest Challenge 2016- Tongue of Fire beans

Hi Folks, For the new readers, sometimes I have small an sometime bigger challenges on the blog, sometimes I rock it and some times I stumble a bit but either way, I try an keep it as real as possible..

Sept is going to be a very busy month here on the farm.. so in keeping with that.. my wee sept challenge is all about the harvest.. its simple, each day share something, anything related to the farms harvest

I will take a few photos, maybe talk about the food or seeds or put it up with a recipe or show how I put it away for the pantry.. So if all goes well, there will be a harvest post daily, but that means on some- most days we will have double postings.


The Tongue of Fire shelling bean is known as an Italian heirloom variety of Phaseolus vulgaris, and may also be referred to as Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco, and Borlotti bean. It is often compared to the cranberry bean in appearance and the kidney bean in taste. Like many beans, it can be picked young at approximately fifty-six days from planting and used as a snap or green bean or it can be allowed to fully mature and be shelled for its internal seeds at about seventy-five days.

Tongue of Fire beans are a favorite bean in Italy where they are used traditionally in soups and stews. Beans are an important ingredient in the classic Italian bean and pasta soups like minestrone

My hubby picked them right in the middle, so they were mature enough for the pod to turning an for the beans to be full an plump but not vine dry.. so I told him, please stop picking in that row 🙂 and I dried these in the dryer for storage.

Not all my beans did well in the drought, these struggle to get started and they are not near as big of plants as I was expecting but they were even in growth, they started blooming later then normal by at least ten days but starting into Aug they exploded, we started to get better rains, we have had two big rains, and four good-normal rains with two showers in aug and that was more rain and water then we got in june and july combined.

We will see what sept brings.. I am quite worried that the late start from seed to seedling, the late flowering and the slower growing habit plus use picking the first flush for fresh eating will mean that we might have issues getting these to the dry stage before frost

only 3 weeks to our first average frost date..

So where are you bean wise this year?



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2 Responses to Sept- Harvest Challenge 2016- Tongue of Fire beans

  1. valbjerke says:

    We’ve such a short season here I grow my borlotti in the greenhouse – even then – I pull all the roots up on Labor Day and just let the plants dry where they hang. I’m doing the same with some drying peas I have outside. Should it start to freeze – I’ll just hang those under the back porch roof and wait until they’re completely dry. 😊

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