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Pan Fried Haddock

Haddock is a very popular food fish, sold fresh, smoked, frozen, dried, or to a small extent canned. Haddock, is one of the most popular fish used in British fish and chips. Fresh haddock has a clean, white flesh and … Continue reading

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Pink Grapefruit and Rose Petal Marmalade Recipe

This one is for sure a Farmgal Recipe. Pink Grapefruit and Rose Petal Marmalade 4 large Pink Grapefruit, wash, trim, remove stickers, slice peel off, slice thin and then par-boil for 20 min, cut the grapefruit in half and get … Continue reading

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Sausage and Brussel Sprout Soup.

Ok so to say that this is loosely based on a much loved soup of my hubbies needs to be owned up, I do not make his soup often because I can never quite get that same taste with homemade … Continue reading

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Musquee De Provence Pumpkin Pie Recipe

  While I was doing the research on this lovely old French Squash, I read over and over again, Fine eating for pie.. Ok then.. you know I had to try it. I am going to do the farmgal (or … Continue reading

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