Rhubarb on a Cloud – Pie recipe

This is a light fluffy summer pie and it should ideally be eating either the same day its made or within a day or two at most.. so make it as small as required in order to not try and hold it longer then that.

You will need to do this in stages, so I guess in that sense its a bit of a fussy recipe, but if you are like me and keep single pie dough balls pre-made in the freezer that helps make that part a snap to make at least..

One small pie or baking dish worth of pie dough (it can be regular or sweet), baked at 350 till cooked and golden brown, allow to fully cool before filling.

You will need four to five good size rhubarb stalks, super fresh is the best, you are going to wash and ideally peel them of the top stringy layer (I said fussy right 🙂 and then cut them into small fine diced cubes, which you are going to JUST cook with half a cup of sugar, no real stirring or as little as possible, ideally using a huge pot to get one or at most two thin layers thick.. slide this out into a bowl and chill well in the fridge.

Take two cups of heavy whipping cream (or one depending on the size you decide to make this in, one cup and whip it up to you have fluffy whip cream, gently drizzle your chilled cooked rhubarb over the cream and in large sweeping motions carefully with a licker stir it though, do it only as much as needed to mix it though, be light and gentle in your movements, pour it into your pie or you can make tarts with it, and you can serve right then and there or chill for upwards of an hour before serving.. it will not cut so much as slide out of the pan and into its dish, if you are worried about presenting it with no mess, then make it in single servings 🙂

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