Round Bales on a Wooded Base- Stage 1 in photos

2012-12-24 417 (500x375)2012-12-24 418 (500x375)2012-12-24 419 (500x375)2012-12-24 421 (375x500)


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2 Responses to Round Bales on a Wooded Base- Stage 1 in photos

  1. Do you like the round bales? I don’t have any large animals but a friend of mine has horses and she doesn’t like round bales at all. She says they easily get moldy and don’t stay good like the rectangle bales do. Just curious

    • Yes, I quite like the round bales, we can move them from place to place as needed, two people is better but even alone I can do it, a large square bale, no hope at all, it would have to be broken down and moved piece by piece.

      Second, you need really good storage for the square bales, they are baled end to end and therefor the water can run in and down the bale and you can lose it to mold etc..

      The round bale if its on a raised floor (to keep it from wicking upward), even if it gets dripped on or a rained on or a hole gets in the sheet, because its baled, round and round really tight, it won’t go bad in the same way at all.. you can loose a bit but you will not have near the issues.

      So for me at least in my high heat and humid Ontario summers, I prefer the round bales for those reason. Plus I have a round hay bale feeder (which helps with hay loss reduction and I can break it apart and move the three pieces and reconnect it around the bale, the big square ones is a single solid piece and without a tractor, there is no way I could use it or move it.

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