Black Current Stuffed Baked Pork Heart

I cleaned and stuffed a large Black Pork Heart with dried black currents, salt, pepper and wrapped in huge horse radish green leaves, five thick and baked at 350 till tender (around 50 min or so)

2012-12-24 430 (375x500)

Allow to cool and slice thinly, not to thin but not thick into these lovely rounds..

2012-12-24 431 (500x375)

Sour cream, Mustard, green onion, chives, and fresh mints in the dressing, with thinly sliced radish and baby greens, with lots and lots of fresh dill make up the rest of the sandwich..

2012-12-24 432 (500x375)

So, so good, smile worthy.. and a good way to get those that don’t much care for heart to enjoy it..

2012-12-24 434 (500x415)

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3 Responses to Black Current Stuffed Baked Pork Heart

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow, that looks GOOD: )

  2. catherine says:

    Hoooooooo my gosh this is almost the recipy of my grand mother. Love it and will cook tonight. Sorry have to rush to the grocery store 🙂
    Bon apetit .

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