Gosling Updates

Well, we added in the two younger goslings to the little geese flock, honk and hiss took them in and gave us looks like.. got more?? Sadly, no I don’t, this the full goslings flock this year.. the older two are female, but only time will tell us what the sex’s are on the wee ones.2012-12-24 423 (500x375)

The joy of these birds is that right now, they are able to free range and supply at least 80% of their own food, which is just awesome! I see that the first hints of feathering is coming in on the older ones.

2012-12-24 425 (500x369) (2)

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2 Responses to Gosling Updates

  1. That is so cool that they will adopt the babies like that!

    • Just a word of care, I understand that not all mated pairs will do this, some will in fact drive the babies away, some will even break their necks and kill them.. but the rest are like honk and hiss, they will take extra’s with happiness!

      I was also told that if a pair will adopt and raising. that they will finished becoming a bonded pair and that its a good way to make sure they will lay and sit to get their own babies afterwards.

      So not only do they raise the young ones, but because Honk was bonded to Apple Duck, he did not want to bond and breed with hiss, so this will have the second effect of making them a active breeding pair next spring.

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