Garden “monday” and Monthly “How does your Garden Grow”

Ok, I need an extra 6 hours in each of my days at the moment LOL, Spring came early and I have hit the ground running but I feel like we are going!, going! but never quite getting there if I know what I mean.. O well, it will all come together over the next month or so I hope!

Plant something: Tomato, Peppers, Green onions, leeks, ground cherry’s, greens, spinach, assorted herbs, pea’s, beans, sqaush, pumpkin, some mixed different flowers.

Harvest something: Everything counts – Wild greens, Daylily bulbs, horseradish, Pea Shoots, Mixed greens, Spinach, Eggs, Milk, Duck, Chicken. Successfully transplanted 5 new grape vines that was started last year.

Preserve something: Yogurt, Soft Yogurt Cheese, Cured a leg of lamb

Waste not: Regular farm closed loop composting.

Want Not: 6 spend day out of 29, all quiet on this front!

Eat the Food: Food storage Friday and Opps!

Build community food systems: Working on hosting a free plant swap, we will see what comes of it.

Skill up: Pruning, Hugelculture working and building, Grooming, and foot care on critters, Worked the draft cow. Started new grape vines.

Running total for 2012- FarmGal-How does your garden grow.

Total output : Seeds- 146 dollars, One order for Fruits, Fruit Bushes 55 dollars and a second order of native fruiting bushes 166 dollars, Supplements for the garden and soil building etc 143 dollars

Impute’s : Sprouts $18  Greens $26 Pea Shoots-$8 Wild Greens-$12 Maple Syrup-$40, Green Onions-$2

Output : $510

Impute : $106

In  the hole by $404

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2 Responses to Garden “monday” and Monthly “How does your Garden Grow”

  1. Daisy says:

    Have you been planting anything outside yet? I was all gung-ho about getting my peas in but glad I held off, we’re supposed to get snow tonight. Happy that at least my trees aren’t blooming yet.

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