Rendering Fat

So simple to do and the end results can be used in so many ways, in this case we are making Lard.

Raw Fresh Fat, remember that if the fat does not smell good to you, the lard won’t either.. Some folks would take this, freeze it and grind it so that it will render down faster, but I have trick for this.. So this is the small sizes I have placed in the crock pot to simmer..

Here it is a couple hours later, and going strong, I have lots of fat that is around the bits, and all the fat is soft, I very! carefully mashed it to help break up the cuts, so much easier then grinding it to me..  More hours pass, and the bits are all golden brown and the oil is clear and beautiful..

Strain it though cheese cloth and jar and cool..

Here is the finished product, wonderful pure lard.. This made me two pint Jars.

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13 Responses to Rendering Fat

  1. Diane says:

    Nothing like beautiful white lard! YUM!

  2. Canadian Doomer says:

    I made lard a couple of weeks ago from the fat on the outside of some pork roasts. It turned out slightly “piggy” tasting, but it was still good. We used it on everything.

    When I told Mr. Doom that it went slightly “piggy” from overcooking, he said, “Is that supposed to be a BAD thing?”

    We’re completely out, though. It’s time to order that pig I’ve been talking about getting.

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  5. sharann says:

    Cool! Just a couple of questions though: Is pork fat the best fat to use? Or can you use any animal fat? Where should it be stored afterwards? Thanks!

    • Hi, No you can use other kinds of fat to make lard, or tallow, each critter makes a different kind of fat, some have more flavor’s then others, example, duck fat is wonderful for frying, but you would not use it to make pie dough, where as pork lard is excellent for that.. Sheep fat made into tallow can be used in cooking but also in candle making, but you would not want to do that with beef, its to soft.

      Fowl fats don’t seem to keep near as long for me, other then duck.. I personally keep my rendered lards in clean glass jars in either my cool cellar or in my fridge and they last a good long while, I have always used them before they turned but for sure I have kept mine up to three months in the cool. Welcome to the site, look forward to hearing more from you, and always feel free to ask questions.

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  7. Anita says:

    farmgal can you please tell me how to do this with poultry…:)

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