Salmon Chowder Recipe

Ok so the picture above is really Salmon Broth Soup, but I will explain what happened.. I was going to make Salmon Chowder, ( got a amazing deal on whole wild Salmon from B.C. on the weekend and I will share more in a different post, but I baked one off in total and then deboned it and have this bowl of wonderful fresh salmon meat to use over the next few days)

So Salmon Chowder was on the menu for lunch this morning.

  • 1 small onion-Diced
  • 1 Stock Celery-Diced
  • 2 Small Potato- Diced
  • 1/2 a Red Pepper-Diced
  • 1 Large Floret of Califlower
  • 1 cup of homemade shimp stock
  • 3 cups of homemade veggie stock
  • 6 oz’s of fresh baked Salmon

Ok, so the above is what you see in the bowl, As always simmer the onion in a little bit of oil till clear,then add the rest and the stock to cook, ready in about 20 min, then add the cooked salmon in small flakes.

That is where I stopped it was light brothed and fabulous!! O so good.. however if you want to make it the tradional chowder, at this point, you would want to add 2 cups whole milk, and in a small bowl mix 2 TBSP of Corn Starch with water (following the directions on the package) and pours slowing into the soup, making sure to stir so that it won’t clump, reheat till very hot but not boiling and serve up.

This recipe will serve two, but easy to double or triple for your needs. As bonus, I have a little Four Footed Purr Pot that is been feeling just a little off, so she got a couple tablespoons of this rich broth with a bit of salmon to nibble on.. I will sure it will do her immune system good to get this in her tummy, and as she gave me back a very clean bowl, I think she liked it..

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2 Responses to Salmon Chowder Recipe

  1. 40 Pounds By June says:

    Wow – this one I’m trying soon and I’ll send the recipe off to my neighbor who LOVES salmon.

    Four Footed Purr Pot 🙂

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