Just work’in away


So many rasberries need picking every day or two.. perfect


still piking the last of the peas, they are almost finished and the beans are in bloom now!


the red current are almost finished but the black and white are still giving some and clove currents are still turning color yet


The steamer does a outstanding job of anything that needs to be juiced.. and the red current jelly and pancake syrups are so sweet-tart



our blueberry season came and went in about ten days 🙂 the jam is outstanding, yes, I know I need to wash them and take the rings off before putting them away


Sour Cherry season is on us,, jam and pie filling is done for the year..



The spring beets are coming n and being processed


and we are starting t plant now for the fall crops as we are taking out spring crops.. the farm kittens follow us everywhere now, they come out with us to do chores and come back in the house to nap and spend the night..


Blue has settled in and is considered part of the kitten pack now


Going to a gathering an make fresh buns to take with.. wel, had better get back to it.. how is your soft fruit crops going?



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5 Responses to Just work’in away

  1. judy says:

    Your buns look yummy! I baked buns today too. Can’t keep enough buns, bread & baking treats for haying season. The kitchen smells so good.
    Your harvest looks like it’s really humming along. Some of our produce is a head but mainly behind ours. Put our first bean picking in the freezer today. No peas yet though due to drougght & replanting 3X.
    What kind of streamer do you use please? Never used one before but interested. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

    • didn’t get eaten, I went a way camping, sorry, I had a awesome ladies only camping trip..

      The juice steamer was gotten on amazon.. its a high quality steel one from Europe but they also sell really good quality ones at lee valley tools..

      I have looked at them for a number of years but they are costly and I was unsure if I would use it enough to justify the costs but so far so good..

  2. judy says:

    I guess the other message got ate or something but sure enjoy your beautiful pics!
    Some harvest is in full swing here too but ours is delayed longer than yours plus we’re in a much lower growing zone. Pickling red beets today but still haven’t tasted any peas this year even after replanting 3x, soon though. Had a great harvest of strawberries. Made jam, cordial, syrups & frozen for winter.
    Made buns, bread & cinnamon rolls for haying. The buns look absolutely yummy & right ready for some honey butter!

    What kind of steamer do you use please? I just do the old method of cooking down the fruit or whatever & strianing through a cloth but I’m sure i’m wasting alot. Newbie to using one so any info is appreciated!

    PS…love the ktten pic!

    • So again for being gone for a number of days, post coming on that trip.. I have used the old method for my whole life as well and strangely I find that you do get a tiny bit less juice when using the juicer, so I do not find that you get more volume on small fruit to date, but what you get is a cleaner product and stronger flavour.. the end product is outstanding!

  3. judy says:

    ps…..meant to say your buns look great but that didn’t sound right….LOL
    Great pics to inspire….even the buns! LOL

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