Ladies Only Camping Trip..

This trip was a ladies only camping trip for myself and a few girlfriends..

We enough tents, camping box’s and amazing homemade food, that at least in my mind, we moved from camping to glamping.. something I have never really done before..

It was fun and relaxed, there was one thing to be said for all the ladies that came on this trip, the goal was to relax, chill.. in two cases this was the first time that they had ever left their toddlers with dad home alone for the whole weekend, since their babes have been born..

This was our swimming spot..


We went out to a good ways, at least half way to the island, and we got to watch the eagles fly overhead..


It was nice to have others on this trip that love to swim as much as I do..

The fire ban was in effect and so we were only allowed to have a fire from 6pm to 11pm..  we were glad to have it but would have liked to have it for much longer


We did some very baby hiking, as one of our party had to be very careful on her foot, due to injury!




and then we took a boat cruise..





It was a couple hours on the water,  the castle island was totally the highlight, the rest was nice but you need to like looking at other people’s houses on waterfront 🙂



Hope you are all finding time to get out and enjoy this fine weather, with friends and nature! So far I am really liking my “camping” summer of 2016..

A big thank you goes out to my Dear Hubby, for holding down the farm, but for above and beyond that.. for working hard for days, the gardens, the picking, the prep work and putting things in the freezers, for coming home to a tidy house, and clean dishes in the sink, for coming home to kiss’s and a hot meal.


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