Happy Easter! We are having homemade Lamb Ham!

What can I say, I didn’t have ham in the freezer but I wanted the meat to be 0 mile..  so put the old thinking cap on,  I do have some very nice legs of lamb, so I cured up two of them, one is being smoked and slow cooked for later use but this one was baked into a lovely lamb ham with root veggies for our Easter Dinner.  I think that the color turned out great, we had it for supper on good friday, and then yesterday when we came home late from our hike, we cubed up all the veggies, some of the cured lamb and made a stew, still have a good feed of it left for today, plus lots of cured lamb for another dish or two to be figured out.

So what lovely meat is gracing your table this weekend and is it local? or did you take it one step closer and make it 0 mile (from your own farm?)

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2 Responses to Happy Easter! We are having homemade Lamb Ham!

  1. Julia Swancy says:

    YUM! we aren’t doing any “fancy” meat for the holiday but we have been eating zero-mile sausage, bacon, and, last night, burgers made with ground beef and chorizo which were to die for with our own asparagus and tomatoes canned last summer 🙂

  2. calliek says:

    Your lamb ham looks fabulous! We were invited to friends for leg of lamb yesterday but I’m still feeling unwell, this time with fever so I stayed home. I don’t feel too deprived tho – my brother brought home live lobster on Sat and they were delicious (but I can guarantee not local,). I made stock with the shells too so I’m looking forward to some lobster bisque.

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