Food Storage Friday 02/24/2012

This weeks fresh food buy came out to a today of 8.88, it included a small purple cabbage, a med to large green cabbage, a bunch of banana’s (6), two chinese pears, one large box of mushrooms and one english cucumber. We are heading into our coming week with 2pds of carrots, 1/2 box of mushrooms, purple and green cabbage, 8 pds of onions, plus potatos and winter squash in fresh storage.

I also harvested some greens, some green onions, and have started a number of different seeds for the coming weeks in terms of harvest and use.. I have just started a big tray of pea’s and a pumpkin plant..

Figured out what happened to the camera and its missing photos, it must have gotten bumped because it thought it was missing its card, so once I fixed that, the photos I had taken came back.. This week I have been busy making a number of different breads, we made a regular sour dough with rye, a high and tight white bread loaf, a chocolate oatmeal bread, and a no knead cast iron bread, the recipes as close as one gets anyway…

I have been really enjoying having lots of eggs in the house, it makes such a difference to the loaf’s of bread to be able to put one or two eggs into the recipes. Speaking of chickens and eggs, it has been very interesting to note that the frey’s mixed meat birds hens have started laying sooner, then the dual purpose egg layers have.. out of the seven remaining roosters, this is the only dancer, and so he is the one that I am planning on keeping as a breeding rooster..

On the other hand, I am really thinking about keeping this fine fellow from the oven as he is the most protective rooster of the bunch, he thinks he is the black op’s of the rooster world, he is fearless, but you also have to be a bit careful around him, as he has taken a run or two at both Dh and I, if they thinks we are the least bit out of line.

Wow, I can even see the difference in the photos, the top boy looks active and interested but open and trusting and Big Boy has that look..  You looking at me!

Now remember when looking at these gents that they are still under five months in age, I expect them to get alot heavier yet. I figure if I cross them with these little ladies, I might be able to keep back a few hens that have the best traits of both to add to my flock..

Bringing this back around to food storage, and why I have been trying to get my flock out each afternoon and spend time watching them in the yard is because I want to have a really nice roasted chicken this coming week and I have butchered out the smaller roosters and are now down to the best of the best, but have to figure out who makes the cut in that group of seven..  I have plans to do a few interesting chicken recipes over the next while for the blog, including taking on the task of making the cock’s comb recipe from odd bits cookbook.

So lets see about this week in terms of cooking, its been a easy slow week, lots of lamb, some bacon, lots of eggs, pasta, potato’s, coucus, some different beans. Lots of different meals this week, a good mix of textures and flavours.

Now Daisy did her report on how her challange has been going and one of the things she touched on was how hard it is to eat from home when sick, (she gets major points for trying to do this while sick).. so while most often I will send hubby down for something from the cellar, like chili, or soup or stew etc  Our backup is always pancakes..  for my mom its beans on toast, for my dad its basted eggs and toast, what is your fall back meal??

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8 Responses to Food Storage Friday 02/24/2012

  1. I just made a fresh batch of chicken stock/cooked chicken last night in the slow cooker. It turned out fabulous. Nomally I have quite a bit of chicken left over…but not this last time. My dad LOVED it and kept coming back for more 🙂 🙂 I seperate the meat from the chicken and drink the broth a few times a day. It’s tasty good, and it’s got some kind of crazy good healing properties for my tummy. I’ll do that in addition to my meals, and I’ll add stuff to the broth from time to time.

    Oh, I heard you mention bacon. We do bacon and eggs a lot at our house, organic eggs and bacon 🙂 🙂 Yummy, yummy 🙂 🙂

    What’s our fallback meal? Hamburger patties and steamed veggies 🙂 🙂

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  2. Our fallback meal is either homemade soup or pancakes. It depends on who is sick (my partner or myself).

  3. grammomsblog says:

    Our fallback meal is usually eggs, toast, and homefries (if I have any leftover cooked potatoes). Actually we have ‘breakfast for dinner’ once a week! EVERYONE loves it!

  4. Daisy says:

    Major points! Woot! lol Our fallback meals are usually eggs or fajitas, but I’m rationing the eggs and I’m out of tortillas. I would have made some on Sunday but I ran out of steam, but they are on the agenda for this weekend. Had crockpot stew yesterday and tonight is meatpies from the leftovers. Also broke down yesterday and went and got some antibiotics – it’s one thing to try to let something run it’s course, it’s another to learn when enough is enough.

    Very interesting about the meat birds laying first! I would love your full assessment of them when the time comes, Frey’s is where I would get my chicks as well.

  5. I had to break down and buy potatoes last week. My garden potatoes have gotten so mushy in storage that I’ll probably just save them for seed potatoes. How do you typically store yours?

  6. grammomsblog says:

    My potatoes store the best in the dark at around 3-5 degrees Celcius.

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