Food Storage Friday

Well its been a interesting two weeks since I arrived back home from my trip, I have only added in 5 things from the store to date, everything else is coming from the farm, the pantry or the freezer, I took a good hard look at what I have this week available to me fresh still and think I can make the week without needing to add a trip to the store at all, however Dh has informed me that we are going to be heading to town as he needs a few things from the hardware store for his latest project and wants to hit the feed store for a few things, so while I don’t NEED anything, I will double up and most likely pick up my up to five fresh things limit, I have already gone though the flyers, and if you want a amazing deal on new bedding, towels now would be a good time to buy, but unless its instore, there was nothing much that meant my requirements for the pantry when it came to sales. Lots of crap on sale, nothing much in regards to real food available and even less! on what is winter storage foods from Ontario.

I have noticed something this week that was interesting for every one small meat package taken from the freezer, I am using two to four pint jars of things to create the meal, this means that my home grown and processed stores are going down much faster then my freezers are being emptied, I will have to make more of a effort to include at least one more frozen veggie, greens in per day, to try and level this use out, I am also finding myself reaching for the frozen greens, onions, leeks and garlic much more then I do for the dried, habit to a point but also because the frozen has a much shorter life span then the dried does.

Its lovely to have fresh milk available again and as I had a loss in the barns with a ewe having lost her twins, I now have a full time milker on my hands, as well as up to two half time milkers available to me, on the other hand, my layers are being quite lazy this year, good thing I have a new group up and coming and due to start by March, I am able to have fresh meat by means of the smaller critters on the farm and its being put to good use, you certianly do get tired of only having frozen or canned or preserved meat or at least I do.

I have had a peek in my cold house at my twice covered over winter crops, and I am looking forward to feb when they will start growing again and to having lots of fresh greens for in March this year, while its only Jan, I have to admit that this is the first year that I have really felt that we were good on the homegrown pantry in regards to carrying us though very successfully though to the summer main cropping time.

The highlight of the week was fresh yogurt with strawberry/rhubarb fruit on top.. What was yours? Did you open a new jar of maple syrup? Did you use some of your elderberries for a cold? Did you thrill at the ability to have a homemade “fast food” meal of throw a jar of this meat with that sauce and Voili 15 min later dinner is done? Did you find that you love a new pickle or relish recipe or that you in fact dont! and its going on the never make again list, and you are plotting how to give it away to friends or wondering if just how guilty you will feel about composting it?

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5 Responses to Food Storage Friday

  1. Well, I’ve already decided that next year I need to make at *least* 52 quarts of sweet mixed pickles. We’re going through a quart a week and they’re just not going to last. I think I have 10 quarts left. 😦

    Funny thing – last year I made pickled beets. They got stuck in the cupboard and finally, this year, I gave a jar away to a friend because I figured Mr D didn’t like them. “You did WHAT? You didn’t tell me we still have beets!” So now the beets are on the table at every meal. And for anyone who thinks food is only good for a year in jars – phooey. In this too-warm apartment, those beets have been sitting on a high shelf for a full year.

    I also discovered that dried corn is incredible. It’s firmer and tastier than jarred corn, I can use as much or as little as I want, and the dark brown colour disappears when it rehydrates. Next year ALL kernel corn is getting dehydrated.

  2. Daisy says:

    I discovered this week I’m out of peas already, and of course all I want is peas now. I’ve made a note to really up the pea production next year. Also discovered that the mice got into my apples and am pretty bummed about that. It’s going to be a long wait for Spy season. 😦 Hubby made a really awesome chili this week using all our own ingredients, except for the beef that was from friends. We’re just starting to experiment with different blends of seasonings using the peppers we grew, but he did a pretty good job. About half of the chili was our kidney beans and I am finding that I am totally loving our home grown beans. I don’t know if it’s because they are fresher, but they are just so much better. Pretty much everything else has come from the stockpile, I’m still trying to use things up from Christmas (not that I mind having an excess of brie, poor me).
    I was wondering, have you ever posted about what to do with gizzards? I helped my friend butcher some turkeys this week, and his mom was going to make some really awesome stew from the gizzards, hearts and livers. I couldn’t hang around to get a tutorial, and I don’t have a clue with what to do with a gizzard.

    Sorry to hear about the lambs, that’s a tough loss.

  3. Did you make your yogurt yourself? I’m trying that today with a Crock Pot recipe that I found online. I’m anxious to see how it turns out.

  4. calliek says:

    I was pretty much flattened by a cold/flu this week so the only thing I learned is that nothing gets done around if I’m not doing it….but I did manage to order some cheese making supplies and source some whole milk!

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