Dark Day’s -Mini Challange-One pot meals

The Dark Day Girls have decided to offer a few new litle mini challanges, the first one is one pot meals, now this is alot of my meals already. I wanted clean and simple but was craving greens..

Dark Day One Pot Lamb Soup in Broth

1 tsp duck fat (can use whatever oil or fat you want to start your dish)
One Large Onion
6 Large Mushrooms-Diced
2 cups of chopped greens (a mix of spinach, kale, horseradish and Beet Greens, frozen for winter use)
1 tsp of minced garlic
1 tbsp of green onions and leeks (white and green parts), I used a cube of each frozen in water
2 Large Carrots-Peeled and sliced
3 Med Potato’s -Peeled and diced
1 pds of small diced lamb stew meat*
Salt, pepper, Keens Mustard, Turmic, Basil and Ginger to taste
1 quart lamb bone stock, with 1 quart water (this was a very light broth, if you want darker/heavier use a second quart of lamb stock or veggie stock to go with)

I cooked the onions, mushrooms and lamb till onion clear, and meat browned, then I added in the rest and simmered for around 40 to 50 min at a low-med heat, till the veggies were tender and done. Simple, easy and all done in one pot, a good hearty but very healthy winter soup.. * This was young tender spring grass-fed lamb, Its worth noting that this meat was from when I butchered out lamb legs, and that I had made sure to remove all silver skin from the peices(which can make them tough, and is often left on by butchers) as well as cutting off all extra fat bits, which I used to render into tallow, and I cut the peices into about 1/3 of the size typically seen in a store if you are buying beef stew meat.. this means that the meat peices were right around equal to the size of the carrot and potato peices. If you are using older mutton or yearly lamb, or from the butcher lamb stew meat, I would recommend simmering for about another hour or so, till the meat is tender.

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3 Responses to Dark Day’s -Mini Challange-One pot meals

  1. queen of string says:

    It was/ is soup day here today as well, not quite as hearty as yours but tasty nontheless! I had a very odd shaped parsnip, like a many tentacled octopus ( stones in the soil, I guess?). It was too convoluted to peel so I just chunked it, roasted it and pureed it and it’s now cream of roasted parsnip and chipotle soup. The chipotle was a container of chipotle mayo someone had brought home after a burger meal :-), waste not want not !

  2. Andrea says:

    Chili is my one-pot, dark days meal…and we have it almost weekly. The beef was raised about 3 miles away and everything else is from my garden or the field across the road (with the exception of chili powder.) There are rarely leftovers, but IF there are, I add some cinnamon/allspice/bay leaves/cocoa and serve it 5-way over pasta. Sounds so good right now, makes me wish I had thawed out some beef this morning……………

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