Happy Earth Day!

So what are you doing for Earth Day? We are having a tiny bit of sun and while I am still under the weather, its now more cold then flu and so I got to spend a bit of time in the garden, directing DH, being in control of the farm book info, tea, breaks and the odd bit of raking and leveling, still it was great to get some time in the sun even if I was all bundled up to do so.

The sheep came over to say hi, as did Girl,  the older sheep were hoping and waiting for the weeds to come flying over into their pasture to pick though, for Girl this was her first spring on the farm, so she thought this was new, but quickly figured it out, and decided that Dandelions, roots and all where her favorite. Fudge was very interested in what was happening but was unsure about those plants that could Fly!

Once we got the weeding done, a new 2 inches of well done compost was dug in and then it was time for seed potatos and onions to be planted out. These guys were very ready to be planted out, so we knocked off all the shoots pointing downward, and planted them in deep dug free form raised beds at 3 feet wide, Five kinds where planted today, and in another month or six weeks, we will second plant for a later crop, the first early ones will be ready in 70 to 90 days, the latest will be 120 plus. We will plant another crop of both late and early in late May. Today’s plantings should give us about 300 pds or so.. and I want a total harvest of about 600 pds or so. While I am pretty sure that you can’t read what this says, it has the type of things planted, the dates till ready, the date planted, the size of the beds and how they were planted. as well as notes on what was planted in those same plots in 2010/2009, almost all of them are double planted either in the Z pattern or in single row, with edges planted into spring green onions, that will be pulled out and gone when the bigger potato plant needs the space. We will hilling with straw so that we can also raid the plants as required for summer use in the house. Its not so detailed as each plant is put in but raither to mean the whole area.

Speaking of being ready, these handsome young boys enjoying the fresh air, sunshine and bit of green grass are heading to freezer camp this weekend, and I can’t wait to have a big old roosting bird in the oven for our fancy easter supper.  So what are you having for Easter Dinner this year?

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1 Response to Happy Earth Day!

  1. Chiot's Run says:

    Looks like you’re busy busy busy with spring. Chicken sounds great for Easter dinner. We’re postponing ours till next Sunday since my dad will be home from South America. We’ll have ham as it’s his favorite!

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