Tracks in the snow..

Perfect tracking snow this morning.. and I am out doing chore’s and I am just doing.. the doggy tracks are so common that I don’t Blink. as I take a certain path I think.. huh.. in a area, something has turned the snow, and soil and bits of plant stuff is showing.. odd.. then I look at the one set of tracks and go.. those are big.. those led to the rabbit hutches and I stop..

and now I am awake, I have only put the hounds out into the fenced in dog side yard so far this morning, we have fresh clean snow.. those are not dog tracks.. They are Coy-wolf trays, they are more coyote then like then wolf..


And they checked out every thing.. all the pens.. Look someone dug a tiny bit by the goat pen.. and then stopped when they hit the buried railroad tie..

All critters are safe and sound.. but what about that mussed and dug up area.. took me a bit, but I finally figured it out.. its where I butchered birds and while there was not a single feather or bone or anything left there, its where I let the blood go back to feed the soil..

They were following their nose and where trying to see if there was anything else.. they came out of the local woods, right up my driveway, all over my front yard, little barn and back out across the big pasture..

Glad my sheep and all were locked up for the night, they are out today but I will lock them in again tonight when it gets dark.

I will see if I can get any clean prints to take photos of, but I didn’t think to take any this morning..

Hopefully they will not be back tonight..



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1 Response to Tracks in the snow..

  1. Widdershins says:

    Having come across bear tracks on a woodland path some years ago, where there weren’t supposed to be any bears, I can relate to that ‘what the’ moment. 🙂 … glad all was well.

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