Foggy Morning Rolls in..


It was a foggy Morning, it was awesomely thick, with a stunning sun filling up the sky at the same time..

dscn0510I love the distance photo, I snapped it from my front step with my longest zoom.. it was everything I hoped it would be..

I had to go around and crack water in barrels and buckets, it was a good thick layer in some cases at least two inches thick..

We got snow, I shoveled steps and path’s, on the tarps, it was just over another six inches, I was surprised to find that it was able to hit the tops of my hiking boots in drifted areas..

With Hubby currently traveling, I am both in hunker down mode and have good friends also coming for visits and checking in daily 🙂

Hoping and planning to do more of my Christmas baking that will go into the freezer to be used in baskets or trays, today I have a laundry basket full of thawed out meat that will be trimmed and then canned up, there will be happy hounds as they chew on meaty bones today..


Do you have snow yet? if so how much?

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