Honey Toffee with Spruce an Almonds

Grand Fir Dark Nougat: A Touch of Solstice Magic

The above site was the read that got me working on this, I am not sure I made it right, but its so good my way, I am just not worried about it..

  • 1 cup Pumpkin Flower Honey
  • 1.4th cup of my best blue spruce with under notes of lemon
  • 2 cups whole almonds

One buttered dish..


This mix loved  to foam up at the start for at least ten min.. so deep sided pan and don’t leave it!

Add all your honey, your bruised spruce needles and the nuts together, bring to boil an then reduce heat till at steady easy boil


It need lots of stirring, the color will change from creamy to darker and darker.. now I tasted the sauce and thought needs salt, then I thought hmm.. before changing anything, try it together an I had sauce, nut and spruce bit, o my goodness the flavour combo is knock your socks off good.. boil till you get full soft ball stage in your cup of cold water.. pour into your buttered pan, put more fresh spruce on top.. let cool, slice, wrap in wax paper and treat out.


As I made this with a friend, had to try before really ready..  it didn’t matter.. it was awesome..

I am sure I failed at the nouget part lol


but I nailed the spruce almond soft Honey Toffee! those that get these in their xmas presents will be in for a treat for sure

I am going to make this spruce honey toffee again, dropping it on freshly toasted walnuts, drop of chocolate with salted tops, I will share but I think it will be amazing!


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