Man, its been a crazy bit..

Well, you are getting a this and that post, I would love to tell you that I just wanted and took a writing break but the truth is I have been moving it..


Hubby went on a trip out west to see his mom and my mom and it was a working trip on his end as well. so much to get done with a bit of visiting thrown in as well. It was bitter cold in alberta.. like -30 to -40 and the roads were bad that he was driving on..

Back here on the farm, I was also being snowed in and the cold was settling down over the farm.. inches and then more inches and then drifting of snow.. sleds were cracked out and ice was chopped and warm water was hauled. Extra bedding, extra hay, extra grains..

The sudden drop in temp meant that coats are only half grown in and so a goodly amount of extra care was required to  make sure the critters were all doing good..


Even Miss Halo needed a winter jacket, as she has not grown in her undercoat yet, Meeow-Meeow has been to the vets and had her spay and is in recovery, as I was not sure on her age, and I didn’t want to risk her having been caught with kittens, I had her fixed a bit early..  The vet feels that she is around 6 to 7 months in age an that she is a tiny bit thin yet, but she has gained a good amount since we got her, (she was very thin when we found her, she was not a good hunter, I still say she was a house cat before she got dropped off here by the farm)

So we have bought her a special kitten food and wet food that will help put weight on her, she loves both of them and is eating very well, so soon enough I will have more padding on her bones, but till then, she has a new double thickness plush bed to snuggle up in just her size.

Had a to get a few things done on the truck, of course I had a issue while home alone on the farm, thankfully friends came over with the right skill set and tools to get me back on the road and I also got new tires for the truck, new working radio, and a new ball joint.. fun times.. but honestly, our sweet Peppy the SUV has been a very good girl in 4 wheel drive on these very poor roads, she has safely got hubby to and from the airport, she got me safely around the farm area and to town, and vet and so forth..  I was truly grateful for that extra 4 wheel drive, we needed it! as well as the clearance on the truck. At least three or four times, If I had still had the van, I would have been stuck and calling for a tow.  Not sure why the county is having this hard of time this year on keeping the roads plowed and sanded but yikes!

One of the things that kept me so busy for a number of day is that I put down and dealt with the BIG pig..  Apple was 800 plus pounds if she was a day and I did her on my own, I am never doing that big of a pig again.. sheesh..  she was full blown breeder size.. wow..  I spent a few days just getting the chores done, and then afterwards just dropping into bed to sleep so hard.. No more pigs over 400 pounds..


Thankfully I had Caleb to give me a helping hand, god bless a willing horse. Speaking of horses, I have bought my new horse, Miss G,  I will do a big announcement once’s she arrives and I can get photos, she will be coming after Christmas. I am quite excited but I expect my lonely boy Caleb will be even more happy to have a little herd again.


All my extra working has meant that I despite a few opp’s and few drinks over the past two weeks, I have in fact gone down a touch more.. and was finally able to fit into an zip up this amazing knitted sweater that my Big brother bought and then passed on as it was to short (I believe that, I am like 7 inches shorter then him)


We are into round three of yet another snow storm..  more snow to shovel, more snow to pack down.. we are going to have a white Christmas for sure.. Different photos taken over the past while so different overcast coloring, different snow levels and so forth..



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3 Responses to Man, its been a crazy bit..

  1. Widdershins says:

    Snowing here too. 😀

  2. valbjerke says:

    Several years ago we did one of our big breed sows. I enthusiastically decided to grind up her very sizable rump and turn it into three kinds of sausage patties (Italian, chorizo, breakfast). Took me an entire day just to get through it – and I was damn sick of the project long before I was finished 😄. After that – we stuck to the ‘regular’ size pigs for processing. The big sows – we met some wonderful Mennonite customers – and came up with the best trade, we would give them two breed sows, and in exchange they would turn one into Mennonite sausage for us. Win win.

  3. suz says:

    god bless you and hubby both in your hard work on these brutal days, and all your animals/crops. and i will stop whining about how cold it is here. (although i have shoveled more snow this year already – and it’s not even officially winter yet – than all of last winter.) merry christmas. –suz in 14-degree but nearly snowless (right now) eastern ohio.

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