Mushrooms and more Mushrooms planned.

I love mushrooms and I like to hunt for the local ones that are good eating in our area, but I was so excited to get these.

Both the Poplar Mushoom and the Oyster will be need a fresh cut tree brought down,and a number of months of to get the logs ready to be placed outside into areas, they will produce for three to five years afterwards.

The button Mushrooms need to go into a aged horse Manure with at least 20 percent straw and which is used to form mounds adn then over with a bit of soil and harvest should start within 20 to 30 days, this one is for sure the fastest to start and grow

Oyster eryngil is grown in damp clean straw, and then a into a sheltered spot in the garden with a light cover of soil, they are to be up within 15 to 20 days.. I will let you know how it all goes.

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2 Responses to Mushrooms and more Mushrooms planned.

  1. queen of string says:

    Oooh they look fab! Did you get them shipped from the states or is there a Canadian supplier? I do hope they work, I would love to grow mushrooms. Our free mushroom compost supplier, sadly piles in compost in big heaps which steam, so the compost cant be encouraged to produce again, unlike some suppliers.

    • I got them from a Canadian Supplier but they came from Holland orginally, the good thing about them is I supply all the mediums myself so I can control that part of the process. I am quite excited to see if they work if they do there ia place that I can get up to 30 different kinds in the same way, but they swear these four are the best to start learning from.

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