Smoked Homemade Corned Beef

Ok, so my new amazing book called Meat Smoking and smokehouse Design, has all these ideas of things to try to see why things work they way they do, and I can’t wait to try out them out, from the very rough it to the formally made smoke house, that allows you to cold or hot smoke as required.

So this morning, I just happen to have two nice big hunks of freshly made corned beef, that was just begging for a good smoke to be done on them, only how do I want to do it, I decided to pretend that I didn’t have anything, and had to knock it together from scraps, so got a old oven grill, gave it a good clean, then found old wire to build a ring for it to sit on over the fire, as it would be high enough to keep most of the heat off but the smoke on, but the wind said NO, and blew my smoke down and to the right.. fine.. so two maple buckets got pushed into play, and a couple hours later of hot smoke with wet wood and here is the results.. What do you think? would you want to sink your teeth into it.. cuz I sure did..and it was heavenly, and I got lots to play with in coming recipes, we had about  1/4 of the first peice for lunch with fresh 12 grain bread out of the oven, with hot mustard mayo.

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