Curry Chicken Liver and Potato Soup Recipe

Sometimes the day after a butcher, you want to really show off those wonderful fresh organ meats, and some days you don’t.. you still need to use them and they are so good for you.. but sometimes its nice to hide it.. Truly you could serve this as Curry Potato Soup and no one would know from the taste about the extra’s.

Curry Chicken Liver and Potato Soup Recipe

  • 1 Chicken liver, heart and Gizzard -All cleaned, trimmed and diced very fine.
  • One small onion-Peeled and diced fine
  • 2 cloves garlic-Peeled and diced fine
  • 1 stock of celery- Trimmed and diced fine -or a tablespoon of diced dried celery
  • 2 large potato’s-Peeled and Diced
  • 1 heaping tbsp of curry mix, salt, pepper to taste.

I cooked the meats, onion and garlic first, took it out of pot, and put the potato’s and celery in and covered with just enough  water to cook, and spices, when they are cooked, add the meat mix back into the pot and allow to meld, then take the blending stick and blend into a thick smooth soup, serve with a dollop of fresh yogurt in the middle with a bit of fresh diced green onions on top with a crack of fresh black pepper.

Lets step back to this wonderful mix of organ meats, onion and garlic shall we.. here are just a few ways I have taken this and used it in meals.

  1. Add sour cream or heavy cream , some wilted greens or veggies of choice and serve up over top of cooked rice or mashed potato’s or cooked pasta
  2. Mix with bread cubes, spices and bone broth, make a wonderful  baked stuffing.
  3. Add to scrambled eggs for a hearty breakfast.
  4. Mix in with stew meat or ground meats into pot pies.
  5. Grind till smooth, add salt/pepper to taste and chill, use in sandwhichs with fresh greens.

What you make if this was your start?

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