Canning Pinapple

So the store has a very good sale on pinapples at a flat dollar rate, each pinapple after being peeled, and cored (which will go to Miss Piggy) gave 1 Qaurt of chunked pinapple tidbit, these were packed in as light of syrup as possable for safety.

So these were extra sweet Del-Monte Pinapples, and they are good tasting, so I looked at the store and right now a 14 oz can of the same brand is currently 2 dollars plus tax, where as no tax on the fresh fruit.

So a Quart is just a little bit more then the two cans, so pinapple in can’s x 2 is 4 dollars plus 26 cents in tax, vs $1, plus the cost of syrup, which works out to 24 cents for the batch, which is enough for 4 quart Jars, so 6 cents there, plus power, which I figured out to be a total of 10 more cents, the jar’s cost has been paid for as have the ring/lid.  The quart Jar has 32 oz, vs the can’s having 28, so if a can is 14oz at 2.13 with Tax, then that extra 4 oz is worth another 50 cents.

So grand total 1.04 vs 4.76, thats a good savings for sure, if you were buying it at full price but lets face it, pinapple goes on sale, and its common to get a can for 1.00 plus tax. Cheap no-name pinapple might even be gotten for .50 cents a can.

So top of the line pinapple 1.04 vs 4.76, on sale Top Qaulity Pinapple 1.04 vs 2.41 cents, as cheap as you can get on sale, it would be 1.04 vs 1.25

Anyway you cut it, its frugal..and the quality can’t be beat, this is a clear win-win in my book. I made the batch requirements for 4 quarts of pinnaple but I mixed up the size’s of my jars and did one pinapple into 5 8 oz Jars for sweet and sour type sauces, 2 pinapple into 4 half pint jar’s as they seemed the right size for sharing a dessert between DH and me, and then one into the Quart to prove that they were right that it be one pinapple a jar.

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3 Responses to Canning Pinapple

  1. 40 Pounds By June says:

    What do you use for syrup? And I like to buy fruit in “light syrup” (to save calories and sugar) in the store bought cans or jars. So do you know what makes it “light”?

  2. Just another day on the farm says:

    Its all about the sugar/water rato, now remember that this amount does a certain amount of jars. The canning books will make recommendations on how light you can go based on the food you are doing, based on safety first rule. I have heard folks say.. I don’t know why you should use so much of this or that, but then they wonder why their canning a) doesn’t keep as long as it should b) changes color c) does not taste as good as store bought, if you do it right, it should be much better then store qaulity.

    Light 2 and 1/4 cup sugar to 5 1/4 cup water
    Medium 3 1/4 cup sugar to 5 cups of water
    Heavy straight one to one.
    Honey 1 cup sugar 1 cup liquid honey to 4 cups of water.

    Now that light syrup made enough for 4 quart jars of pinapple so looks to me like that syrup for what would be a typical can of 14 oz of pinapple would have 1/4 cup of sugar in it. Hope that helps.

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