Lamb Bone Broth Recipe

These are the nice meaty bones left over after taking the meat off two small lamb shoulder roasts..

Here is my best trick, you need to roast your bones before you simmer them all day long to make your broth, you want to brown them, and while I think it goes without saying, you need to deglaze the baking pan with hot water and add all that flavor and wonderful bits to the stock pot.

So take your browned bones and all the deglazed bits and put it into your large stock pot, add two onions, one carrot, for lamb, I like to add at least half a turnip cut into chunks, bay leaf, salt, and pepper and start it on a slow simmer for about four to eight hours, you want to simmer till at least reduced by half..

mmmm Lamb broth is so good to use in many recipes..

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4 Responses to Lamb Bone Broth Recipe

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  3. Silver says:

    Thank you for this, I have been looking for a recipe as we have some lamb bones etc I have saved from making a dish, but was unsure what recipe to follow to make a stock with them (I decided to freeze them until I could work out how to do it).

    Could you use this for making maybe an onion soup, or would the flavour be too rich?

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