Lamb Breakfast Patties

Well, I wanted to make some breakfast sausage for this week, I took out two of the shoulder roasts and let them thaw out overnight, so this morning, I split them in two and then cut off the main amounts of meat into stew size peices.

So that point, I am left with meaty bones and a bowl of stew meat, the bones went into a big baking pan to be roasted in the oven and then made into lamb bone broth.. will follow up on that in a different post..

Then I ground up the meat with onion and added spices..

At this point, I could have cased them and smoked them etc, but I wanted to use them right away really, so I just made up small breakfast size patties, about two ounces each in size and will bake them off and have them for quick heat and go for Dear Hubbies breakfasts.

Just need to try one to make sure it turned out..mmm, nice and spicy without being hot, with a sweet lamb flavor..

So the next time you are wanting breakfast patties, don’t head to the store, just plan on making your own homemade ones, you can control what gets put into them, as well as control the portion sizes of them. If you can buy whole cuts of meat an then grind them yourself, then you can also control what the ground meat has been exposed to, and you know that the meat was of good qaulity to begin with.

Each shoulder Roast made about 18 mini patties each, I used one small onion per shoulder, and a total of perhaps 2 tsp of spices total.. very frugal, not forgetting that I will pull cooked meat off the bones, for some use, most likely in a stirfry and then the bones themselves will be used to make broth, so you are getting even more bang for your buck.

Now if you didn’t want to bake them off (baking is a great way to do them as you don’t need any oil to cook them, where in the cast iron, you need some to keep them from sticking. You can also put them out on trays and put them in the freezer for an hour and then they will pop off frozen solid, you can then cut sqaures of wax paper to go inbetwen each and stack them into a large freezer bag to keep for up to three months of use.

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