Weigh in Week 43/10

Well, my weight in was not good this week, according to my scale I am up 3 an half pds, which does not make a lot of sense to me, unless of course I have a ‘Friend” coming right shortly to visit, as I tend always to appear to gain at that time.

Goals for the past week.

  • No eating after nine this week for five days a week, tuesday and thursdays off on this. -6 out 7 yes.
  • Food Journel- Work to keep it at 1800 hundred as close as possable. -between 1600 to 2000 so yes overall
  • Work on core strength this week. -Yes, three 15 min workouts, plus two days of total farm chores workouts.

My goals for this coming week are

  1. Keep my food journel and stay at or below 2000 per day.
  2. Workout at least three times this week
  3. Walk at least three times this week
  4. Weights 2 times this week
  5. Do my stretch exercies daily
  6. Dress up a little when I go out on my twice weekly off the farm time

The down of the week is that my big winter coat is to big now, and my handdown coat is still to small and the ones that do fit are not warm enough, which becomes moot once I am working but I am freezing till I get the core body temp up and sweating.

Highs of the week, Finally one day of sunshine, working towards a goal of being a healthier person, finishing more knitting projects, and working each day towards getting that list of to do things smaller! Cat head butts and hound wiggle worms in a warm bed.

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