Homemade Bread

At least once a week, I make bread for the farm, I don’t tend to make one loaf at a time. More like two to six depending on the recipe.. Its a never ending change on what will end up on the table, I like to try breads and quick breads from all cultures across the world.

Dear Hubby tends to laugh at the fact that often (perhaps to often) I don’t use recipes, I just start making something, including bread and then work till its right.. as an example, I tend to like to add whole milk and fresh eggs to alot of my breads, its a way to use the daily products of the farm and to make the breads more healthy, I  have my own sour dough culture that I keep going, but also use yeast when I feel like it.

So it came as a suprise to DH when at the book store I feel in love with a book and just had to add it to my large cookbook collection, I have at least 200 plus and counting cookbooks, its a hand me down trait from my Momma, she must have hundreds and hundreds of cookbooks, thankful to me, I often get copies of her best ones sent to me thoughout the year, so its not like I was without a bread making book.

Having said that my favorite bread book, is Bernard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads, the 30th Anniversary Edition., it covered the globe for different breads and it includes the full instructions for a homemade bread oven, something I will make and use at some point in the future.

There is a point to me making my bread at home (beyond just liking the fresh taste of bread) and that is being able to control what is in our bread, have you looked at the store bread and seen what is in it.. half the time I can’t even figure out the names for at least half of the stuff listed..

Now to be fair, we do have some local bakery’s that now offfer a few breads that are made with a list that I can read, understand and agree that its bread and they make and bake it on site, raither then the very sneaky wording often used that says, home baked, raither then homemade, which of course means it comes in frozen in box’s and then is proofed at the store and baked off and sold as “fresh” Bla, I think not!

However then comes the price for the real stuff, which is enough to knock you off your feet, it ranges from four to eight dollars locally and that for one loaf, I am grateful that for the peaple who shop raither then bake that they do have this choice but the cost is far to high for me..

Now I might be willing to pay that if I knew that the wheat was local and hand ground etc  but not for a bread that is made of white flour, sea salt, yeast and fresh spring water..

I am currently on the hunt for a more local source of grains, and have been pleased to find a couple different sources




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