Peas Seeds- One for pot and One to put up..

60 hours ago, we planted out a tray of pea seeds grown and saved in 2019 and in the tray went into the BG(Baby Indoor Greenhouse) it is amazing how fast things are growing in there..

Amazing considering I didn’t even pre-soak them before they went into the damp soil and yet they are all popping their pretty little green selfs up and onward. 

Normally, I grow one row of snow peas and stagger out 2 to 4 rows of regular pea’s that I then pick about 80 percent of the pea’s for fresh eating and or blanching and freezing for future use and then I let at least one row finish out the last 20 percent into seeds. 

Typically this gives me lots of peas for planting out in the fall plants and for next years crop.. if I am a little short, i will only pick 60 to 70 percent in the fall to bump up my stock but I will be honest, I like to save from both the spring started and the fall started,

Saving seed from the spring started pea’s help you save seed from plants that do well in very cool just worked soil, they tend to be shorter plants and they tend to close out faster in the heat..   where saving seed from fall started, tend to be better in the heat and tougher in holding though some very light frostings.  

By keeping each as their own line, you are working towards improving your lines to both suit your own area but also for the conditions they are raised under.. just do not mix the up.. because the cool soil spring ones can struggle more if started early in late summer in the warmer soils/hotter days.

Back to 2021, I need to flip it.. hubby will do better with the whole pod for the increase in fiber, so I will be growing 4 rows of snow peas, one row of fresh eating pea’s and this year with my eye firmly looking at the whole view, I am planting a whole row into just seed saving, on the spring seeds for winter planting in the baby greenhouse.. 

Its a combo of winter plantings for pea shoots (cut around 4 to 5 inches for greens) at pretty much low/no cost but its also because pea’s seeds are a great gift.. 

I am going to bring them as little house gifts (even if its just a driveway drop off).. I am going to do the same with little pots of flowers..  Lets face it, if you gave someone seeds for turnips (not everyone likes turnips) or carrots( they can be fussy to start) pumpkin (o my gosh.. that is a huge plant and take so long to produce), you get the idea.. 

While a “gardener” might be happy with all kinds of things.. for most peaple, they know what pea’s are.. they are pretty easy to grow, they have lovely flowers and I have never meet a child that does not love to pick fresh pea’s off the vine and pop that lovely green boat and snack on those fresh raw peas..  its just a treat.

Consider starting a extra tray of your favorite flowers and bring a few of them in cute basket, box or ?? with you this spring/summer/fall.. it will help brighten someones day! 


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5 Responses to Peas Seeds- One for pot and One to put up..

  1. arlynch1475 says:

    So, you sow your spring peas indoors and then transplant them when the weather moderates? I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before—but I dont know a lot of people in cooler climates either.

    • Hi Andrea, no, I plant my peas out in the outside when the soil is workable the same as everyone else.. these pea’s are just being grown inside to the height of 4 to 6 inches before the plant is being cut at the soil line and the greens are being used as a side veggies as the whole pea plant is edible, stems, leaves, flowers etc.. hope that helps clear it up for you..

  2. Silver says:

    What a thoughtful gift to give someone – as someone who isn’t great at getting stuff from seed it’s one I would really appreciate, for sure.

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