Indoor Garden Winter 2021


Its 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall.. add in 4 sets of 4 foot length led full sun lights, two boxes of heavy thick snap together flooring to help keep the cold out of the bottom in regards to the cement floor and this big guy is going into our “just” heated basement. We will see if we need to add a small oil hearter to the space or not.

I will not call this a christmas present or a boxing sale’s day.. I did get them on sale and I will be using my own already owned wooden seed starting shelves, reusing our pots and trays that we already have, our own compost and I will sigh deeply as I cook the soil and then use fish tank water and a homemade seaweed/nettle tea to refeed it

I can’t take the chance with the hatching and such in the soil itself in such a small garden, I had to order in special “patio” seeds for the pot of cherry tomato’s, cucumbers and zucchini.. I have lots and lots of “greens” seeds so I am not worried about making micro greens for salads.

In winter typically we eat ouf of the freezers, the canning pantry and the cold storage, which means lots of roots, but with our new diet for hubby, while I can eat some of the roots, some he can’t and thankfully the hounds love it, so nothing will go to waste..

We are BLOWING our food budget sky high on fresh greens and salad fixings for at least two main meals.. now we have plans for a geodome year round growing greenhouse, its being order to be made in 2021, prep work done on the farm in 2021 but it will not be put up and into full growing until 2022 and we can not wait that long to figure out how to grow for the table

Never mind that the cost just in the sense of handing over hard cash (well tap, they do not let you pay with cash that is a different grrrrr post) but add in how its grown , the distanced traveled, and the recalls, so many recalls.. no.. just no..

My little lean too side greenhouse is a three season only.. and this is by far easier and cheaper to set up then to try and heat that much much larger space.. we will see how it goes..

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13 Responses to Indoor Garden Winter 2021

  1. valbjerke says:

    I’ve tried indoor growing vegetables more than once….it’s the jump in hydro for the lights that makes me crazy. I know they’ve come out with more efficient lighting ….. I might look into it again.
    Buying salad makings is a non starter here too – like you say – the recalls.

    • I hear you ValB, I had tried years ago and wow, yes the power bill.. but a) I hoping that the power use on the LED lights are right for what they listed, if so.. its very little.. b) by buying this unit, it is said to reflect the light by upwards of 18 percent more and can allow the plants to grow and produce faster, so I am hoping for better yielding results then what I have tried before and i love that it can and is to be zippered closed with just the vents so that you do not feel blinded by the lights and d) our province due to the pandemic and the lockdown as us on the lowest power rate possable 24 hours a day and we are getting heavy duty rebates on our bills to boot.. our power bill is currently 60 percent the normal cost it is.. so if there was ever a year to try it on.. this is the one..

  2. Silver says:

    Fingers crossed this project is successful – You are a dab hand at growing food outdoors so I can imagine this will be no problem for you. Will be following with interest once it’s in action!

    • It will be intersting to see how its different, I am assuming to a point it should be like seed starting for the garden but it will be the grow them up to prodution stage in the greenhouse area that will be a touch newer for me.. I will share

  3. (And I am certain that the improvement in your household’s overall health will more than make up for the cash invested♥️ : )

    • Its flipping the money out in a differnet way and having more control.. It should not really be changing the overall health as we are paying to eat the salad and greens and so on .. but it will bring it back to on farm and in our hands production and processing.

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