Another Day Another lockdown Covid Christmas 2020


What can I say..

We are having a covid Christmas.. Its just us on the farm.. and our whole province offically goes into lock down at 12.01 boxing day for a 28 days.. well that is what they are saying right now.. Broke the daily record locally both for number infected and highest single daily death rate.

I hope you are all prepped up for a very long dark winter, stay warm, stay safe.. and if possable spend the holidays with your family and loved ones. See you in 2021

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9 Responses to Another Day Another lockdown Covid Christmas 2020

  1. Silver says:

    Hello Val, we are taking a day at a time here. Today has been spent with just Husband and me. We brought Neighbour a tray of food and their present as they were not able to join us after the restrictions changed.
    Tomorrow we are meeting Husband’s family outside in the garden of my in-laws for a brief exchange of presents, before we all go our separate ways home. The plan is to open our presents on Zoom.
    Hope you have a calm Christmas and a happy new year.

    • Hi Silver, given how hard hit our local area is with cases, we started just staying on the farm a few days early.. so we are not seeing anyone.. but I do plan to make nice christmas treat for the horses, sheep and warm breakfast for the dogs and some fresh cooked warm meat mixed with fresh yogurt for the cats and some fresh yogurt out for my little friendly skunk that lives in the croft in the hay bales.. and we will put out some meal worms and extra gifts for the wild birds, including a new nailed slab of fat for the woodpeckers and other birds that need a boost..

  2. arlynch1475 says:

    Merry Christmas Valerie! We were just released from quarantine/isolation Monday after my family had Covid and the fatigue is lingering so we’re enjoying a lazy, quiet time at home. But really, lazy quiet time at home is my favorite kind of holiday ❤ Hope your family is well and enjoying your holiday.

    • Merry Christmas Mrs A, I am hoping it was a mild case of covid for the family, did everyone have it or just some.. I hope you all feel better very soon but yes, it is a good thing to be able to enjoy your lovely home.. I miss you on facebook.. but I respect your choice.. Enjoy your holiday as well.. Merry Christmas..

      • arlynch1475 says:

        Jeff, Isaac and I had it, Mara says she must be immune lol. Mine and Jeff’s was quite mild, just a couple days of body aches, loss of taste/smell, headaches and extreme fatigue. Isaac was very sick. 102+ fever, body aches, crazy fatigue for 9 days. 1 day, I swear he was hallucinating or delirious and I was this.close to calling the squad but then his fever broke, his appetite picked up and he was himself again. But yeah, the fatigue lingers. It’s 3 weeks later and I’m still feeling the sluggishness. So thankful that we dont have any commitments til January 4th!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and the hubby. Christmas here is also quite.
    Here’s to hoping 2021 will be better.

  4. Wendy says:

    Merry Christmass. We are in lockdown (Netherlands) but allowed to meet 2 persons at home a day.
    Ofcourse one “picks” very carefully. Still nice to have my parents (both 89) at our table. We had a lovely evening and are more gratefull then ever we are all doing ok.
    2021 can only get better!!!

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