Pawpaw Seeds

I ordered in Pawpaw seeds from a seller one zone harder then my own and I hope to get two 3 year old trees this spring about 40 minutes away as they like to be planted in clumps.


I ordered in 15 seeds and the sellar sent 23, and they have been kept in damp and cold in the fridge till this week.. some of them seem much more plump then a few, so we will see how many sprout.

They are in damp potting soil in the Baby Greenhouse and once I have sprouting, as they have a heavy thick tap root, they will be planted into 5 gallon pots in sets of two or three depending.

Do you have pawpaw on your homestead? Do you prune them.. have you ever pruned them to keep them smaller? Honestly they appear to get very large, I am not sure I want them to grow up to 10 meters, that’s 30 feet tall.. how are you to harvest the fruit when they are that big? speical picking tools?

Then I have heard that they will not grow that big in my area, many say, no.. in our area, they will get about ten feet give or take.. who is right.. that is the issue..

I am not sure I want more then two or three clumps of them, so if everything starts and grows well, then I guess I will be gifting or bartering out extras.

One of the things I find very interesting is that  they are a shade tree and that they do not like full sun, they need part to full shade..  that say this is very important for young baby trees..

They also like damp soil.. I have plans to place them edged into my slew area with shade from my big tree..  I hope that they will like this spot..  i will let you know..

It felt great to start another project for the gardens and the food forests on the farm..

pawpaw flowers

One of the things that i am looking forward to even if it takes a long time for fruit is the flowers..  I mean a tree in the spring full of amazing scarlet flowers, stunning..

interesting fact on them, they like to be pollinated by beetles, not bees..  or so I read.. I have never had the chance to date to try these real life so I am taking a bit of a leap o f faith that they do taste good 🙂

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2 Responses to Pawpaw Seeds

  1. Donna says:

    The wonderful thing about pawpaws is you don’t pick the fruit. Much like persimmons, the fruit falls off when it’s ready to eat. If you pick it off, it will most likely be bitter and unpleasant. Also, once you have a few trees planted (you need two varieties for cross pollination), they seem to seed themselves fairly easily. You actually have to watch and control how many seedlings start themselves so they don’t get out of control.

    I have a small patch and love them!

    • Thank you so much for your insights Donna.. I am so glad you enjoy them. are those red spring flowers as stunning as I think they will be? and so interesting about needing to keep on top of them or they will spread.. thanks for that tip..

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