No Buy November Week 2 -Part 1

Nov 9th

Good Morning, Rough night but my ears are draining today and I do feel better than I have for the last two days if only my balance was not being effected. The ears pop and my balance Wobblies.  I am sticking to the house today to be on the safe side.

Oatmeal Cookies were made last night so hubby would have something to take to work today with his canned soups/fruits. Never am I more grateful for the pantry then when I do not feel well.  I love that hubby can just head to the shelves and pick his meals out when I am not cooking bigger meals with a leftover lunch to go.

Which is fine, I have lots to do in the house that can be done in smaller bits of time.. Time is such a funny thing.. we always think we don’t have enough time, but really it’s what we give our time to.. what we focus on that moves forward.  Today, I am cleaning the house to help keep the cold out, I am washing the main floor bedding. I am simmering Vinegar and Cloves buds to help clean the air.. Using my steamer for my throat and lungs and my hot salt sock for my ears.

Very pleased with the work I am getting done in the house, got bread made, got buns made, have a big old roast in a brine waiting for baking tomorrow, got the base of a Sour cream Chocolate cake make to make a fancy cake for company tomorrow.. If I get my muffins made, I will have everything checked off my list.

Got four loads of laundry done, groomed the kitten, she is learning to be combed or brushed daily, with that long hair, she needs to learn early that she gets cuddles, groomed and cookies for being a good girl. Its starting to snow now.. they say that it will snow for the next 24 hours or more..  They say a messy drive home, hopefully hubby will be out on time tonight.

Nov 10th

Leeloo turned 7 Weekns and her eye color is changing, The hanging on cold is still making my life hard but I am up, we are expecting company. A lovely couple we meet years ago at local event that we have kept in touch with over the years.

The day’s visit was great, I had one of those nice make it ahead meals that you put in the oven and have very little to do to serve it up, I made a layered cake, sour cream Chocolate cake with high bush cranberry jelly and butter cream icing.. not a single photo of this was taken.. sorry but it was enjoyed.

The hounds loved the company and spent their time glued to them lol..  I was happy but tired when they left..

Nov 11th

As the wind howls around the eaves on this foul weathered day, my thoughts are with all those lost in the howling torrent of war. Those who gave or risked their lives so that we can live the life that we do. On a day like today we should not judge the reasons, simply remember and pay our deepest respects.
Painted in Corel Painter on Armistace Day 2010.

Woke up to a cold bitter wind day on Nov 11th and sicker then can be..  I got my regular yearly post of Dear Hubbies Story up and I just got sicker all day long as it went..

Hubby finally started calling and found a drug store that was open and gave me a choice.. meds or emerg.. I said meds.. I was at that point needing my inhalers after I was having my coughing fits. He headed out and got over the counter meds to give me a leg up as my home made stuff while I KNOW was helping was just not quite enough.

Nov 12th

Was not even on the computer this day other then for five min max. It was a sick day for me.. and a caretaker day for hubby, I did nothing but sleep, cough, take meds and sleep..  Little wee Paris is the best sick bed buddy you could ask for.. the hounds went with dad, they spent most of the afternoon out with him.. He was able to out in several hours on a outside project in the just above freezing weather and get one of the last bigger project that we have been working on for winter prep finished!

I thought for sure I would need to get out of bed and give him a hand for least a few min but he figured out how to make work with just one person and got it done..  I slept though the whole thing. Heck I also slept right though my weekly get together with my friends.

Heck I didn’t even check in on my sick momma, I had hubby call her..  I made myself get up and walk around a couple times in my bedroom, just to make sure I was on my feet but it was like watching a lurching zombie LOL but Its always a good thing to get your lung upright and your body moving when you are resting that much.

Nov 13th

I woke up late after hubby left for work and while my ribs and chest area is very sore from coughing, its a ring of pain  that flairs when I cough, I am alive an I am on the mend.  So much better then yesterday and it was better then the day before..

Now I just need to take care and kick the rest of the this to the curb!

What lovely view out my kitchen window this morning now that I made it to the main floor of the house, we got snow overnight and its still snowing.. its sticky and fluffy! I am going to do a few little things today but I am certainly not going to push anything..

I know that this bug has been passing though Jason’s office and its in our local community and that its nasty and long lasting but that its viral and that must run its course.. hubby has co-workers that have been sick for a month now.. I am hoping that will not be the case for myself. I certainly want to have this under control better well before that but we will see.

So hubby spent 60 dollars on meds, orange juice, ginger ale and soda crackers.










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9 Responses to No Buy November Week 2 -Part 1

  1. Oh you poor thing. I’m sorry you have been so sick. Feel better soon.

    • Thanks Crafty, I truly wish I was not as sick as I have been but it is what it is. I am feeling better today and I will take every step needed to safe guard my health, I am pretty sure that hubby brought this one home from work.. Its very rare that Jason gets sick so for him to have gotten it, and then passed it to me.. It always takes me longer to get over things.. Slow but steady.

  2. Silveryew says:

    Gosh, you sound like you’ve had a rough time. I hope you feel better soon! Last year we had a severe strain of flu in the UK which left a lot of people very ill, and left them ill for a long period of time. It’s why both Husband and myself have had the flu vaccine, last year and this year as well (free to NHS employees).

    Medicine and self-care is important. That is why meds and therapy don’t come under any budget with me, sure, we can spend the money wisely (don’t get branded stuff, get own-brand or unbranded meds, they are much cheaper), but I always go and buy stuff we require as our health is too important.
    We are also fortunate in that Husband has a medical exemption card due to his epilepsy, which means he does not have to pay for his prescriptions.

    Finally: What a lovely view to wake up to ^_^

    • Hi Silveryew, Its on the news that there is this strain, at least its viral and does not need antibodics, its just a slow heal on it or that is what I am hearing. I didn’t feel the least bit bad about spending on the money on the meds and such.. it was i needed. We have insurance on most meds and we only pay a percent when we need them.
      I was very glad that I turned the corner because hubby was a hairs breath away from making me get up and go to emerg, which is the last thing I wanted.

      It is a pretty view indeed.. there is something lovely about fresh clean snow and on the spruce, it just seems so right.

  3. wendy says:

    Have you ever tried mullien tea? It is our go to for any respiratory illness. It saved my mother from going to emerg. She was sure she had pneumonia and after a couple mugs of mullien and lemon balm tea was up and about . I knew she was feeling pretty poorly to try one of my “hippy rememdies” lol
    Hope you feel better soon

  4. Widdershins says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a rough time of it, but glad to hear you’re oh the mend now …the older I get the harder these things knock me around. I’m so glad I bit the bullet last year and got a flu shot

    That’s an adorable photo if Miss Fluffkins 🙂 and your picture-perfect winter wonderland shot is absolutely ‘picture-perfect. 😀

  5. If that’s the same bug that passed through here, it is indeed hard to shake!

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