Christmas Jelly Bean Advent Gift Box

A dear friend of mine who has spent a great deal of time overseas does the most amazing cutest little advent gift giving calendar for her little ones.

I took up a cute little dollar store 24 gift advent gift giving for hubby and myself, a way to spread out the gift giving, some of them were to eat and some where little useable gifts and others were gag gifts.

Some of the rest of my family really liked the idea but they raised the price point on the gifts in a way that I was not as happy about 🙂   This year however I was able to have a comfortable chat and dialed the cost back down.

I am excited to see how my custom made Jelly Bean (24 different kinds) gift box goes over with them getting their bigger gift on Christmas Day itself.

It was a pleasure to work with Sugar Mountain store in Orleans, they were awesome to help us get this idea off and running! The key was to figure out the right amount of jelly beans.. 12 to 15 was what the mom of the girls said when I asked her what she thought for amounts.

It takes a bit of time to count out 48 bags of beans LOL

The box’s have been sent as they need to arrive out west by the end of Nov to start on Dec 1st. I hope they get there on time as we have a rolling strike happening with our post office and they say they are a million plus parcels behind for processing.. here is hoping these treat tins are not sitting waiting.. hopefully they are finding their way though the system.

I used to be able to ship these by bus, it was much cheaper and fast but we lost our Greyhound bus’s running across our country. So this year we and so many other had to use the post office.

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4 Responses to Christmas Jelly Bean Advent Gift Box

  1. What a good idea. It really is too bad about Greyhound. People in rural communities like my own are really noticing the loss.

    • I hope they find a replacement for it, the train only goes to certain places and its much more costly and I think we should never have cut folks off to the point that only those that have their own vehicle/money or those with the right paperwork that can fly/money to get across our big country.

      • No kidding. Here, in rural BC, if you don’t have your own vehicle or can’t drive your option is to hitchhike. And this is the province with the notorious Highway of Tears. And we are supposedly all so super green and concerned about the environment. That’s why we put so much of our resources and energy into mass public transit /sarcasm/ Grrr – don’t get me going…

      • I will not get you going but I agree with everything you just said, for many years they did everything they could to join the country together, understanding that free movement from coast to coast is something that is special, needed and important.. Its like the government has forgotten that we MUST all be able to connect and move freely

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