Going Old School Using a Warm Salt Sock

When I have sore ears I love to bring out this old school trick.. hot (warm) salt in a thick sock..

Is it just the warmth that soothes, is it the warmth that help the blood flow better to allow the area to heal, does it help it drains?

I googled and got lots of folks making unproven claims and lots of people saying this does not work..

I always heat the salt (canning salt) in a frying pan, you want to stir the salt with a wooden spoon to help the heat be spread out evenly, you want your salt hot but not burning. The key to being able to use this while the salt is quite warm is the sock you choose.. You ideally want a big thick soft sock.. no thin material, my mom used wool but I use the more modern hot socks.. they hold the heat well and they are thick and comfy to lean on.

I have read that some folks heat the salt in the microwave, I do not own a microwave so I do not know if this would work or not. I put the sock in a wide mouth quart jar and use my wide mouth canning funnel to move the salt into the sock.. once it in, I take the sock out of the jar and tie off the end..

Ideally at least five minutes each ear.. I hope it will work as well for you as it does for me.. keep the salt and reuse as often as needed. .

Here is what I say.. I do not know why it works beyond the warmth feeling good, but I know that after a treatment my own pain is reduced, my swelling is reduced.  I have tried it with other heating bags with rice, buckwheat and it has never worked the same as salt does.


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4 Responses to Going Old School Using a Warm Salt Sock

  1. Silveryew says:

    I still think a lot can be said for remedies of the past and that they are underrated. Salt is still one we use; my father has diabetes type II and to help any sores heal, he would often wade along the beach back home in the summer. Whenever Husband’s foot swells up I made a strong solution of salt and warm water for him to soak his foot in.

    • I agree, I will be boiling vinager/clove buds with water on the stove to clean the air in the house, I had a wood silver in my finger and soaked it in hot salted water to help draw it out and keep infection down. I do not know why the warm salt sock helps for sure on my ears but I do know that it helps take the pain out and brings the swelling down when I use it.. At least my Elderberry has been studied well and it is proven to help shorten your cold and boost your immune system. I think part of the reason they are underrated is that they do not really have someone making money off it 🙂

      • Couldn’t agree more, folk remedies exist because they’ve been handed down through the generations and I like to save them every chance I get. Thanks for giving me a couple more here Ladies: )

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